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2011 House Taxation - Audio Archive
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3rd Legislative Day (1/13/2011)
Complete Meeting

7th Legislative Day (1/20/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1029 - revise certain provisions concerning the taxation of telecommunications companies.
Starts at 10:35

HB 1025 - revise certain provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code.
Starts at 3:05

HB 1028 - revise the due dates of certain tax returns and remittances.
Starts at 5:26

12th Legislative Day (1/27/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1081 - eliminate the requirement that certain political subdivisions purchase an accounting manual.
Starts at 0:04:40

HB 1098 - revise the limitation on the increases and decreases that may be made to the total taxable value of cropland and noncropland.
Starts at 0:09:41

HB 1131 - lower the state sales and use tax on certain food items and to increase the rate of taxation for the sales and use tax on certain goods and services.
Starts at 0:58:18

14th Legislative Day (2/1/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1159 - create an ombudsman position to assist taxpayers with property assessment appeals.
Starts at 0:02:07

HB 1167 - provide for the taxation of severed mineral interests and to provide for the extinction of de minimis claims through the utilization of tax deeds.
Starts at 0:56:56

SB 17 - provide for a property tax exemption for certain property leased by the Science and Technology Authority.
Starts at 1:01:46

SB 39 - revise certain provisions regarding what organizations qualify for an exemption from sales tax as a relief agency or a religious educational institution.
Starts at 1:22:50

18th Legislative Day (2/8/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1147 - revise the taxation of rural electric companies with respect to receipts collected for compliance with certain environmental laws.
Starts at 0:03:24

HB 1190 - exempt certain wind farms from taxation if located in an Indian reservation on land held in trust by the United States.
Starts at 0:41:42

SB 39 - revise certain provisions regarding what organizations qualify for an exemption from sales tax as a relief agency or a religious educational institution.
Starts at 1:14:00

22nd Legislative Day (2/15/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1128 - modify the registration of certain anemometer towers used for wind energy testing purposes.
Starts at 0:03:19

HB 1157 - revise the rate of the insurance company premium and annuity taxes applied to court appearance bonds and to establish an annual fee for certificate of authority for domestic insurers issuing court appearance bonds.
Starts at 0:05:39

HB 1189 - impose a fee on certain pipelines carrying crude oil and to create a crude oil pipeline compensation fund that may be used in the event of a crude oil spill.
Starts at 0:24:13

HB 1226 - impose additional real estate transfer fees on certain agricultural land and apportion the revenue to local taxing districts.
Starts at 1:39:38

24th Legislative Day (2/17/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 99 - revise the provisions that determine the amount of the motor vehicle registration fees that shall be applied based on the age of the vehicles.
Starts at 2:12

27th Legislative Day (2/24/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 146 - require certain notice requirements for retailers that do not have nexus in South Dakota which are selling tangible personal property, services, or products transferred electronically for use in South Dakota.
Starts at 00:02:40

SB 147 - expand the application of nexus for the purpose of collecting sales and use taxes owed to the state.
Starts at 01:03:29

32nd Legislative Day (3/3/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 102 - repeal an outdated provision regarding the assessment of property for school districts.
Starts at 2:43

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