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2011 House Transportation
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3rd Legislative Day (1/13/2011)

Complete Meeting

5th Legislative Day (1/18/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1026 - repeal fleet licensing procedures for certain vehicles.
Starts at 3:04

HB 1027 - revise the definition of a trailer for the purpose of titling a restored or rebuilt trailer.
Starts at 8:46

10th Legislative Day (1/25/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1060 - revise certain provisions concerning how motor vehicle license fees are distributed in the unorganized territories of a county.
Starts at 3:05

12th Legislative Day (1/27/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1127 - repeal the requirement that rear vehicle registration plates be illuminated.
Starts at 0:02:33

HB 1122 - restrict certain state purchases of gasoline to ethanol blends.
Starts at 0:13:13

HB 1064 - deposit certain funds associated with snowmobiles and motorized boats into the state highway fund.
Starts at 0:35:14

16th Legislative Day (2/3/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1214 - revise the period of time in which a refund of certain commercial motor vehicle license fees may be requested.
Starts at 00:01:55

SB 18 - revise certain requirements regarding a commercial driver license.
Starts at 00:13:40

18th Legislative Day (2/8/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1215 - repeal certain refund provisions of the motor fuel tax for certain nonhighway agricultural use of motor fuels and to provide for the distribution of such motor fuel tax.
Starts at 00:17:00

HB 1221 - establish a task force on teen driving safety.
Starts at 00:53:29

HB 1216 - prohibit certain contract restrictions on the use of ethanol blender pumps by retailers.
Starts at 01:10:24

HB 1225 - conduct a study on the feasibility of maintaining aircraft under the control of the Department of Transportation.
Starts at 01:44:55

20th Legislative Day (2/10/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1192 - increase certain registration fees for the use of motor vehicles on the public highways.
Starts at 0:02:29

SB 4 - update certain standards governing pedestrian control signals.
Starts at 1:16:45

SB 5 - revise the maximum distance from a bridge for posting maximum vehicle weight warning signage.
Starts at 1:19:41

22nd Legislative Day (2/15/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 28 - revise certain provisions regarding the authority of the secretary of transportation to create limited speed zones through highway work areas and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 0:02:23

SB 19 - update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and the transportation of hazardous materials.
Starts at 0:29:31

SB 24 - increase the filing fee for a rate case filed by a gas or electric public utility.
Starts at 0:36:43

24th Legislative Day (2/17/2011)
Complete Meeting

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