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2011 Senate Transportation - Audio Archive
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2nd Legislative Day (1/12/2011)
Complete Meeting

6th Legislative Day (1/19/2011)
Complete Meeting

8th Legislative Day (1/21/2011)
Complete Meeting

9th Legislative Day (1/24/2011)
Complete Meeting

11th Legislative Day (1/26/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 18 - revise certain requirements regarding a commercial driver license.
Starts at 1:56

SB 19 - update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and the transportation of hazardous materials.
Starts at 1:56

13th Legislative Day (1/31/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 4 - update certain standards governing pedestrian control signals.
Starts at 2:39

SB 28 - revise certain provisions regarding the authority of the secretary of transportation to create limited speed zones through highway work areas and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 28:52

SB 5 - revise the maximum distance from a bridge for posting maximum vehicle weight warning signage.
Starts at 7:37

15th Legislative Day (2/2/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 42 - revise certain provisions regarding the exemption from the motor fuel tax for bulk fuel transfers into a terminal.
Starts at 2:05

17th Legislative Day (2/7/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1026 - repeal fleet licensing procedures for certain vehicles.
Starts at 00:21:42

HB 1027 - revise the definition of a trailer for the purpose of titling a restored or rebuilt trailer.
Starts at 00:28:46

HB 1060 - revise certain provisions concerning how motor vehicle license fees are distributed in the unorganized territories of a county.
Starts at 00:35:14

19th Legislative Day (2/9/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 177 - increase certain registration fees and taxes for the use of motor vehicles on the public highways.
Starts at 0:04:35

SB 99 - revise the provisions that determine the amount of the motor vehicle registration fees that shall be applied based on the age of the vehicles.
Starts at 1:31:04

21st Legislative Day (2/14/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 131 - clarify certain provisions relating to establishing identity by applicants for certain licenses, permits, and identification cards.
Starts at 0:02:42

SB 198 - provide for a study the issue of creating the Kadoka-Caputa Rails to Hope Trail as a state park.
Starts at 0:30:07

23rd Legislative Day (2/16/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 151 - revise the grandfathering provisions and renewal requirements of massage therapy licensure.
Starts at 0:02:53

26th Legislative Day (2/23/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1085 - prohibit certain political advertising in highway rights-of-way.
Starts at 00:01:57

HB 1216 - prohibit certain contract restrictions on the use of ethanol blender pumps by retailers.
Starts at 00:22:55

28th Legislative Day (2/25/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1192 - increase certain registration fees for the use of motor vehicles on the public highways.
Starts at 00:03:30

29th Legislative Day (2/28/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1215 - repeal certain refund provisions of the motor fuel tax for certain nonhighway agricultural use of motor fuels and to provide for the distribution of such motor fuel tax.
Starts at 2:58

31st Legislative Day (3/2/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1221 - establish a task force on teen driving safety.
Starts at 00:01:43

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