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2012 House Commerce - Audio Archive
Committee meetings are listed below by legislative day, date, and bill number. Click the "Archived Audio File" link to play the clip in a browser or right-click the link to save the file to your computer. Start and end times are appoximate and relative to the beginning of the clip.

4th Legislative Day (1/13/2012)
Complete Meeting

7th Legislative Day (1/23/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1034 - revise the circumstances under which alterations may be made to certain insurance applications.
Starts at 11:20

HB 1004 - reduce the term allowed for covenants not to compete.
Starts at 15:40

HB 1033 - clarify certain requirements relating to insurance examinations.
Starts at 5:05

9th Legislative Day (1/25/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1079 - revise certain publication date citations for references to the International Building Code.
Starts at 12:01

HB 1071 - increase the benefits that the Insurance Guarantee Association may become obligated to cover for annuities, to provide for retroactive application, and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 2:17

HB 1097 - revise certain provisions regulating the investment of unneeded state operating expenses in banks.
Starts at 26:15

HB 1103 - provide a maximum rate of interest or finance charge for regulated lenders.
Starts at 33:43

HB 1119 - revise certain provisions concerning mechanical pull-tab devices.
Starts at 41:59

11th Legislative Day (1/30/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1120 - revise certain provisions regarding the filing of claims against public improvement contracts.
Starts at 1:23:20

HB 1059 - revise Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 13:37

HB 1035 - allow the disclosure of the status of certain insurance investigations and examinations.
Starts at 2:49

HB 1109 - require complaints made to the Department of Labor and Regulation regarding appraisers to be written and include the name of the person making the complaint and a factual basis for the complaint.
Starts at 28:53

13th Legislative Day (2/1/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1238 - establish sanctions relating to the hiring of illegal aliens.
Starts at 1:18:24

HB 1125 - clarify the definition of engaging in business in certain circumstances.
Starts at 26:28

HB 1121 - amend rate stability provisions to include plant additions.
Starts at 3:10

HB 1139 - revise certain provisions relating to identity theft and employment.
Starts at 46:50

15th Legislative Day (2/6/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1229 - exempt certain persons from the requirement to license as a mortgage loan originator.
Starts at 1:01:33

HB 1245 - revise certain provisions regarding the suspension of a driver license for certain alcoholic beverage violations.
Starts at 1:12:38

SB 26 - revise certain requirements pertaining to earnest money paid in a cooperative or cobrokerage real estate transaction.
Starts at 1:26:23

SB 28 - revise provisions regarding the renewal process for certain third party insurance administrators.
Starts at 1:30:30

HB 1221 - increase the minimum wage and to provide for annual adjustments in the minimum wage equivalent to the consumer price index.
Starts at 10:47

HB 1192 - amend certain limited liability company language.
Starts at 3:49

17th Legislative Day (2/8/2012)
Complete Meeting
HJR 1008 - Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article III, section 6 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to four-year legislative terms and term limits.
Starts at 1:06:30

HJR 1010 - Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article III, section 12 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to legislative qualifications.
Starts at 1:39:01

SB 27 - revise disciplinary action remedies of the Cosmetology Commission.
Starts at 1:41:17

SB 7 - repeal certain provisions allowing for the certification of technology parks and to allow public or private developers to apply for certification.
Starts at 1:59:19

HB 1261 - prohibit collective bargaining by public employees.
Starts at 3:07

HB 1272 - allow the sale of health benefit plans approved in select other states to be sold in South Dakota and to grant the director authority to pursue a multi-state consortium to grant automatic reciprocity for the sale of health benefit plans approved by the participating consortium states.
Starts at 36:43

19th Legislative Day (2/10/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1201 - revise certain provisions regarding tax refunds for energy related projects and facilities.
Starts at 2:40

SB 51 - eliminate an obsolete reference to the Division of Commercial Inspection and Regulation.
Starts at 24:30

SB 32 - revise the suitability requirements for annuities.
Starts at 27:30

SB 33 - revise the exemptions for insurance agent examinations.
Starts at 35:08

SB 34 - revise certain provisions and delete certain obsolete provisions pertaining to the Department of Labor and Regulation.
Starts at 7:18

20th Legislative Day (2/13/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 50 - revise the permissible uses of the cigarette fire safety standard act fund.
Starts at 13:45

SB 99 - allow certain licensees or employees of a licensed establishment who have been charged with certain felony offenses to be prohibited from entering the licensed premises.
Starts at 20:47

SB 35 - update certain citations to federal regulations and increase certain civil penalties regarding pipeline safety inspection.
Starts at 4:00

22nd Legislative Day (2/15/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 87 - allow military spouses to receive unemployment compensation if they leave their jobs due to a spouse's military transfer.
Starts at 14:36

SB 65 - revise the list of products offered to consumers by motor vehicle dealers and sales finance companies.
Starts at 3:34

SB 115 - implement the regulation of insurance coverage for portable electronic devices.
Starts at 30:41

25th Legislative Day (2/22/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 108 - revise the maximum bet limit for Deadwood gaming.
Starts at 1:30:27

SB 112 - remove the limitation on the number of retail gaming licenses in Deadwood in which a person may have a financial interest.
Starts at 1:52:11

SB 157 - revise certain provisions relating to outdoor advertising signs.
Starts at 14:01

SB 103 - revise the procedure for cooperatives giving notice to persons whose records are missing regarding ownership of securities, apportionment of equity interest, money, or property.
Starts at 3:02

27th Legislative Day (2/24/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 145 - prohibit rebates and regulate contracts for residential roofing goods and services.
Starts at 2:45

SB 158 - create an exception to the loan or credit limitations of state chartered banks.
Starts at 32:39

SB 170 - repeal the large project development fund and the appropriation therefor, to provide tax rebates for certain energy projects, to establish and provide for the administration of the business incentive grant fund, and to make an appropriation for the business incentive grant fund.
Starts at 46:35

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