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2012 House Education - Audio Archive
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6th Legislative Day (1/20/2012)
Complete Meeting

7th Legislative Day (1/23/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1006 - revise certain outdated and obsolete provisions regarding the Department of Education.
Starts at 2:38

HB 1007 - repeal certain outdated and obsolete statutes regarding the Department of Education.
Starts at 42:30

9th Legislative Day (1/25/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1145 - revise certain provisions relating to the nonrenewal of a teacher's contract.
Starts at 1:15:32

HB 1144 - enhance educational and economic activities for Native Americans.
Starts at 2:17

HB 1005 - revise certain provisions regarding the excuse from attendance of children receiving alternative instruction.
Starts at 7:30

11th Legislative Day (1/30/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1123 - establish the state employee work enhancement program to equalize the tuition rates paid by state employees.
Starts at 1:14:27

HB 1124 - permit a school district, at the discretion of the school district, to pay the fees charged for any criminal background investigation that is required by law for a prospective employee.
Starts at 1:39:57

HB 1118 - permit school boards to reimburse employment applicants for the expenses of their criminal background investigation
Starts at 1:48:37

HB 1147 - remove the individual liability of a school board member who authorizes the making of a void contract, check or registered warrant.
Starts at 2:14

HB 1195 - authorize the collection of fees for certain educational programming and services, and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 20:01

13th Legislative Day (2/1/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1226 - revise the index factor in the state aid to general education and state aid to special education formulas, and to require the Legislature to estimate general fund revenues for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year.
Starts at 1:01:15

HB 1128 - require the Board of Education to conduct public hearings before adopting certain standards.
Starts at 21:54

HB 1158 - allow students attending nonpublic high schools to be eligible for the jump start scholarship program.
Starts at 39:45

15th Legislative Day (2/6/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1208 - establish the South Dakota Early Learning Advisory Council.
Starts at 2:14

HB 1152 - provide funding to school districts for students with limited English proficiency through the state aid to general education funding formula.
Starts at 54:53

16th Legislative Day (2/7/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1144 - enhance educational and economic activities for Native Americans.
Starts at :05

17th Legislative Day (2/8/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1234 - provide incentives to teach in critical need areas, to provide for rewards for the best teachers and those teaching in math and science subject areas, to revise certain provisions regarding evaluation of teachers, to create a system for evaluating principals, to distinguish between tenured and nontenured teachers, to revise certain provisions regarding the employment of teachers, and to repeal provisions regarding the teacher compensation assistance program.
Starts at 1:40

19th Legislative Day (2/10/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1151 - revise certain provisions regarding the tuition paid by school districts for children in certain group homes or private child-care centers.
Starts at 1:35

HB 1189 - establish a deadline within each semester after which no student may transfer to a school district other than the resident school district through the enrollment options program.
Starts at 4:47

HB 1144 - enhance educational and economic activities for Native Americans.
Starts at 52:00

HB 1145 - revise certain provisions relating to the nonrenewal of a teacher's contract.
Starts at 54:52

22nd Legislative Day (2/15/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 5 - revise certain provisions regarding the distribution of state publications.
Starts at 1:19

SB 8 - revise certain provisions related to the calculation of state aid to special education.
Starts at 11:16

SB 127 - revise certain provisions regarding educational data reporting.
Starts at 20:11

25th Legislative Day (2/22/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 186 - update the definition of the nonsectarian textbooks that are loaned to certain students to include digital materials.
Starts at 2:06

SB 191 - provide for authorization to offer postsecondary education services in South Dakota.
Starts at 33:00

27th Legislative Day (2/24/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 139 - establish the Teach for America grant program within the Department of Education.
Starts at 1:31:29

SB 25 - provide for the creation of a new state accountability system for public elementary and secondary schools.
Starts at 2:17

28th Legislative Day (2/27/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 80 - exempt veterans from the twelve-month residency requirement for the purposes of tuition and fees.
Starts at 1:32

SB 130 - require the school board of each school district to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying.
Starts at 23:53

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