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2012 House State Affairs - Audio Archive
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4th Legislative Day (1/13/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1016 - repeal certain rules relating to use of the centennial logo.
Starts at 3:25

HB 1024 - repeal the authorization to sell certain surplus real estate under the control of the Department of Corrections in Aurora County and Minnehaha County.
Starts at 6:25

HB 1048 - expand the Board of Military Affairs.
Starts at 9:46

6th Legislative Day (1/20/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1056 - revise certain provisions of the South Dakota Business Corporations Act regarding the issuance of shares and cumulative voting for directors.
Starts at 1:11:04

HB 1020 - authorize the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to sell the Marcotte Tract located within the Marcotte Game Production Area in Meade County to the City of Sturgis.
Starts at 1:42

HB 1028 - revise certain provisions relating to state employees and to the administration of state personnel matters.
Starts at 17:36

HB 1058 - revise certain record search fees charged by clerks of court.
Starts at 33:32

HJR 1001 - Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XVII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to corporations.
Starts at 46:17

7th Legislative Day (1/23/2012)
Complete Meeting
HJR 1002 - To propose a constitutional amendment to repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session.
Starts at 1:00:43

HB 1072 - provide for the recall of county commissioners.
Starts at 1:27

HB 1073 - prohibit certain indemnity provisions in motor carrier transportation contracts.
Starts at 17:32

HB 1086 - clarify certain provisions relating to establishing identity by applicants for certain licenses, permits, and identification cards.
Starts at 29:35

9th Legislative Day (1/25/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1092 - authorize the sale of nonresident duck hunting licenses in certain counties.
Starts at 3:52

HB 1112 - prohibit any person who fails to file certain campaign finance documents to be a candidate for office.
Starts at 35:23

HB 1113 - prohibit the use of certain public resources to influence the outcome of elections.
Starts at 55:12

HB 1108 - require the state to provide the public with access to an electronic database containing certain information on any loans, grants, or tax rebates provided by the state for the purpose of economic development.
Starts at 7:08

11th Legislative Day (1/30/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1182 - revise the filing deadlines for the nomination of certain independent candidates.
Starts at 1:13:31

HB 1196 - revise certain provisions concerning lobbyists.
Starts at 1:23:38

HJR 1004 - To propose a constitutional amendment regarding legislative term limits.
Starts at 1:31:24

HB 1148 - prohibit political contributions by certain state employees to gubernatorial candidates.
Starts at 1:55

HB 1149 - provide for legislative redistricting by a bipartisan, nonlegislative commission.
Starts at 30:45

HJR 1005 - Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article III, section 5 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to single member house districts.
Starts at 50:26

13th Legislative Day (2/1/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1129 - prohibit the use of certain handheld electronic wireless devices for electronic messaging while driving.
Starts at 1:31:26

HB 1098 - repeal certain provisions providing for the tolling of administrative rules dealing with underground injection control Class III wells and in situ leach mining relating to uranium.
Starts at 1:54

HB 1168 - provide for the waiver of the state's sovereign immunity in certain instances relating to the control of species of management concern.
Starts at 28:47

15th Legislative Day (2/6/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1233 - provide for the public access to the records of former Governors and lieutenant governors.
Starts at 1:03:52

HJR 1007 - Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to a balanced budget.
Starts at 1:10:55

HB 1093 - revise certain property tax levies for the general fund of school districts.
Starts at 1:40:27

HB 1133 - establish the Legislature's Planning Committee.
Starts at 1:43:10

HB 1134 - place the caucus leadership on the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council ex officio.
Starts at 1:53:42

HB 1235 - revise certain provisions relating to the South Dakota state flag.
Starts at 25:34

HB 1110 - establish an education funding goal for elementary and secondary education in South Dakota.
Starts at 5:00

HB 1232 - repeal the South Dakota Commission on Health Care.
Starts at 59:20

17th Legislative Day (2/8/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1213 - revise certain provisions regarding liability for torts and product identification requirements.
Starts at 1:45:15

HB 1265 - expand the scope of the Governor's house program.
Starts at 1:47

HB 1155 - regulate certain automatic periodic financial transfers for the purpose of funding political contributions.
Starts at 1:57:49

HB 1138 - declare that any person who maintains or provides roll-your-own cigarette machines at retail establishments are cigarette manufacturers.
Starts at 23:12

HB 1227 - revise certain provisions with regard to the rights of industrial and construction equipment dealers.
Starts at 4:20

19th Legislative Day (2/10/2012)
Complete Meeting
HJR 1009 - Requesting appropriate action by the Congress, either acting by consent of two-thirds of both houses thereof or, upon the application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states, calling a constitutional convention therefor to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to require, with certain exceptions, that the total of all federal appropriations may not exceed the total of all estimated federal revenues in any fiscal year.
Starts at 1:07:20

HB 1155 - regulate certain automatic periodic financial transfers for the purpose of funding political contributions.
Starts at 1:40

HB 1166 - require the departments of Agriculture and Game, Fish and Parks to provide certain actions and funding specified in the South Dakota black-tailed prairie dog conservation and management plan.
Starts at 17:03

HB 1140 - require that all recorded votes of the Legislature be displayed on the Legislative Research Council's internet site and to establish a penalty.
Starts at 20:53

HB 1141 - require that the Legislative Research Council's internet site include a listing of votes cast by individual legislators.
Starts at 28:54

HB 1142 - protect the access of legislators to staff services and the maintenance of appropriate legislative confidentiality and to provide penalties for the violation thereof.
Starts at 46:35

20th Legislative Day (2/13/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1167 - repeal certain health care standards and other requirements for managed health care plans enacted in 2011 and to reenact the previous standards for managed health care plans.
Starts at 1:16:17

HB 1271 - revise certain provisions relating to insurance policies.
Starts at 1:46:45

HB 1169 - repeal certain driver licensing documentation requirements.
Starts at 1:48:30

HB 1220 - conditionally repeal certain provisions establishing network adequacy standards, quality assessment and improvement requirements, utilization review and benefit determination requirements, and grievance procedures for managed health care plans, and certain standards for managed health care plans if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is found to be unconstitutional.
Starts at 1:50

HB 1165 - repeal certain provisions relating to health insurance standards.
Starts at 18:47

22nd Legislative Day (2/15/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 56 - revise and repeal certain provisions relating to the South Dakota Housing Development Authority.
Starts at 1:13:04

SB 57 - revise and repeal certain administrative rules relating to the South Dakota Housing Development Authority.
Starts at 1:15:07

SB 168 - revise the terms and expiration dates of appointees to certain boards and commissions.
Starts at 1:17:45

SB 11 - authorize the Governor's Office of Economic Development to create and administer a working capital loan program.
Starts at 2:16

SB 93 - provide for the withdrawal of referred measures in certain circumstances.
Starts at 31:08

SB 19 - revise the rule-making authority of the Commission on Gaming to allow the commission to authorize the executive secretary of the Commission on Gaming to take certain actions on gaming licensees.
Starts at 39:53

SB 62 - allow certain alcoholic beverage licensees to charge a corkage fee for serving wine supplied by customers and to allow customers to remove a partially consumed bottle of wine from certain alcoholic beverage licensees.
Starts at 50:48

25th Legislative Day (2/22/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 71 - modify the requirements relating to the publication of the administrative rules.
Starts at 1:47

SB 106 - require the disclosure of certain public employee contracts.
Starts at 1:58:47

SB 123 - revise how the taxes are applied to rural electric companies.
Starts at 54:34

SB 174 - increase the 911 emergency surcharge, to revise the collection and distribution of the surcharge revenue, to provide for point of sale collection of the prepaid wireless 911 emergency surcharge, and to provide funding for the upgrade of 911 emergency services.
Starts at 7:55

27th Legislative Day (2/24/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 162 - provide for the designation of certified technology parks.
Starts at 1:56:25

SB 188 - authorize the establishment, operation, and control of research parks on lands controlled by the Board of Regents.
Starts at 10:40

SB 161 - revise certain provisions concerning public meetings held by teleconference or videoconference.
Starts at 2:06

SB 114 - designate the American bison as the state mascot.
Starts at 27:10

SB 175 - increase the number of video lottery machines that may be placed in a licensed establishment.
Starts at 39:22

28th Legislative Day (2/27/2012)
Complete Meeting
HCR 1016 - Concerning endorsement of Taiwan's participation as observer in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the 28th anniversary of sister state relations with the Province of Taiwan in the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Starts at 1:25

SB 49 - revise the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district.
Starts at 34:37

SB 138 - revise the state aid to education formula and to make an appropriation.
Starts at 45:27

SB 187 - repeal certain provisions regarding the legislative review of state agencies.
Starts at 46:31

HCR 1017 - Expressing opposition to a state run health care system that is established or operated contrary to the interests of the people of South Dakota.
Starts at 6:30

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