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2012 House Transportation
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3rd Legislative Day

Complete Meeting

5th Legislative Day (1/19/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1019 - revise the license fee for snowmobiles and to revise the period of such license.
Starts at 04:10

HB 1031 - establish a license fee and a renewal fee for carriers licensing under the International Fuel Tax Agreement, to establish a decal fee and a mailing fee, and to provide for the disposition of the fees.
Starts at 16:34

HB 1032 - repeal certain provisions regarding the temporary permit for a specialty license plate with an organization or first responder decal.
Starts at 34:40

8th Legislative Day (1/24/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1089 - restrict certain state purchases of gasoline to ethanol blends.
Starts at 2:42

10th Legislative Day (1/26/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1170 - include certain speeding offenses in the point system for traffic violations for the purposes of driver license records.
Starts at 2:55

HB 1104 - define the responsibility of the Department of Transportation regarding portions of certain intersecting county and township highways located within the right-of-way of the state highway system.
Starts at 21:23

HB 1154 - revise certain provisions concerning the construction of roads outside the road district.
Starts at 47:10

12th Legislative Day (1/31/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 3 - revise the composition of the state trunk highway system.
Starts at 14:44

HB 1202 - repeal certain provisions regarding reckless and unsafe driving.
Starts at 2:48

HB 1236 - require that notice be provided to persons informing them of the expiration date and related information concerning their driver licenses.
Starts at 22:55

SB 55 - update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials.
Starts at 40:05

14th Legislative Day (2/2/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1257 - provide for the disposal of the Napa Junction to Platte segment of the state-owned rail system.
Starts at 2:52

SB 63 - revise the term of service of regional railroad authority commissioners.
Starts at 25:10

SB 16 - define a final stage manufacturer dealer and to provide for licensing of final stage manufacturer dealers.
Starts at 29:25

SB 17 - require certain fuel tax returns and reports to be filed by electronic means and to require certain fuel taxes to be remitted by electronic transfer.
Starts at 35:48

SB 64 - revise provisions regulating the perfection of security interest liens filed on-line.
Starts at 45:23

HB 1274 - revise the distance within which a school district may charge a fee for providing bus transportation to students.
Starts at 8:50

16th Legislative Day (2/7/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1111 - revise certain provisions regarding the use of eminent domain by certain nongovernmental entities.
Starts at 1:27:58

SB 140 - repeal certain provisions regarding glazing material on motorcycle windshields and wind deflectors.
Starts at 2:20:19

HB 1200 - grant certain authority to municipalities and counties regarding outdoor advertising structures or signs.
Starts at 6:15

18th Legislative Day (2/9/2012)
Complete Meeting
HB 1111 - revise certain provisions regarding the use of eminent domain by certain nongovernmental entities.
Starts at 12:53

SB 102 - clarify the procedures for the apportionment of funds among townships.
Starts at 3:05

21st Legislative Day (2/14/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 107 - revise certain provisions regarding personalized motor vehicle license plates.
Starts at 3:37

23rd Legislative Day (2/16/2012)
Complete Meeting
SB 113 - provide for special motor vehicle license plates for recipients of the silver star medal, distinguished service cross, navy cross, air force cross, distinguished flying cross, bronze star medal with valor device, or the bronze star medal.
Starts at 19:58

SB 116 - revise certain provisions relating to the township road system.
Starts at 29:27

SB 81 - provide for a special license plate for certain persons on active duty in the military.
Starts at 4:12

31st Legislative Day (3/1/2012)
Complete Meeting

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