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2013 House Commerce - Audio Archive
Committee meetings are listed below by legislative day, date, and bill number. Click the "Archived Audio File" link to play the clip in a browser or right-click the link to save the file to your computer. Start and end times are appoximate and relative to the beginning of the clip.

HOUSE COMMERCE AND ENERGY4th Legislative Day (1/11/2013)
Complete Meeting

6th Legislative Day (1/16/2013)
Complete Meeting

8th Legislative Day (1/18/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1051 - revise certain provisions related to the director's orders to hazardous insurers.
Starts at 03:53

HB 1054 - repeal certain rule-making authority for the director of insurance.
Starts at 08:37

HB 1055 - revise certain provisions regarding unemployment insurance employer charges and claimant misrepresentation regarding benefit overpayments and to correct references to certain provisions pertaining to unemployment insurance.
Starts at 13:20

10th Legislative Day (1/23/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1037 - define the requirements for the sale of certain octane petroleum products.
Starts at 02:38

HB 1091 - establish certain provisions regarding the labeling of motor fuel at a retail fuel pump and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 04:56

HB 1034 - revise certain provisions regarding the procedure for setting petroleum examination and testing specifications and methods.
Starts at 43:50

12th Legislative Day (1/25/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1125 - allow perpetual care and maintenance guarantee funds for cemeteries to be administered by cemetery corporations.
Starts at 03:40

HB 1127 - revise certain provisions relating to the use of principal and interest in cemetery perpetual funds and to require perpetual cemeteries to submit an annual financial report to the secretary of state.
Starts at 13:32

HB 1126 - revise the massage therapy licensing requirements.
Starts at 19:28

13th Legislative Day (1/28/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1035 - allow electronic submission and record keeping of placed in service reports.
Starts at 01:35:30

HB 1052 - revise certain requirements for third party administrators and pharmacy benefits managers.
Starts at 02:54

HB 1129 - prohibit businesses and employers from establishing certain policies against the ability of an invitee or employee to store firearms and ammunition in a locked motor vehicle parked on the premises.
Starts at 12:16

15th Legislative Day (1/30/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1103 - exempt credit health insurers from certain provisions related to preexisting conditions.
Starts at 02:43

HB 1102 - revise provisions regarding the South Dakota Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act.
Starts at 16:32

HB 1157 - increase certain penalties regarding the sale of petroleum products.
Starts at 27:19

HB 1100 - authorize the use of certain gold and silver coins as legal tender.
Starts at 55:05

17th Legislative Day (2/4/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1159 - revise certain provisions relating to identity theft and employment.
Starts at 03:21

HB 1175 - establish sanctions relating to the hiring of illegal aliens.
Starts at 1:01:08

HB 1207 - provide for net metering for certain renewable energy systems.
Starts at 2:05:31

19th Legislative Day (2/6/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1240 - provide for the practice of cosmetology services in certain venues outside of a licensed salon.
Starts at 03:00

HB 1207 - provide for net metering for certain renewable energy systems.
Starts at 04:40

HB 1175 - establish sanctions relating to the hiring of illegal aliens.
Starts at 1:17:53

HB 1182 - provide for the licensure and regulation of private detectives.
Starts at 1:27:20

22nd Legislative Day (2/13/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1191 - provide for the issuance of additional retail fireworks licenses.
Starts at 03:18

HB 1234 - provide a limited exception to the provisions that exempt sport shooting ranges from the public nuisance laws and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 1:12:28

HB 1194 - revise the period during which fireworks may be discharged.
Starts at 27:45

HB 1195 - restrict the use of fireworks leaving debris on private property.
Starts at 58:56

24th Legislative Day (2/15/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1195 - restrict the use of fireworks leaving debris on private property.
Starts at 00:03:28

HB 1238 - require that health benefit plans provide coverage for MRI and ultrasound screenings for breast cancer in certain instances.
Starts at 00:10:58

HB 1243 - protect employees from certain automatic deductions or transfers for the purpose of funding political contributions.
Starts at 00:14:29

26th Legislative Day (2/20/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 67 - revise the requirements for health maintenance organizations.
Starts at 02:49

SB 12 - update citations and revise certain provisions regarding permits for energy facilities.
Starts at 12:32

SB 85 - revise certain provisions regarding the production incentive payment available to ethanol producers.
Starts at 17:40

SB 52 - authorize one cent credit denominations for video lottery machines, to authorize the award of one thousand dollars on a video lottery machine, and to make form and style changes to certain provisions regarding the lottery.
Starts at 24:37

28th Legislative Day (2/22/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 119 - ensure freedom of media coverage of high school activities.
Starts at 2:50

29th Legislative Day (2/25/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 84 - create the South Dakota Athletic Commission and to provide for the supervision of boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts competitions and sparring exhibitions in the state.
Starts at 04:49

SB 133 - establish a pharmacy audit integrity program.
Starts at 1:56:13

SB 7 - revise certain provisions regarding the registration of a place of business with the Real Estate Commission.
Starts at 2:11:37

SB 64 - revise provisions regarding broker price opinions, comparative market analyses, and appraisals.
Starts at 2:14:28

SB 65 - revise certain exemptions from licensure by the Real Estate Commission.
Starts at 2:17:28

31st Legislative Day (2/27/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 61 - allow licensed insurance agents to act as consultants in certain circumstances.
Starts at 02:35

SB 62 - revise certain requirements regarding when an insurer's certificate of authority may be revoked.
Starts at 11:34

SB 60 - revise certain definitions regarding the appraiser certification program.
Starts at 15:44

SB 66 - revise the style and form of certain provisions, to amend certain provisions to streamline and clarify, and to repeal certain obsolete and unnecessary provisions pertaining to the Real Estate Commission.
Starts at 25:05

SB 111 - amend provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code relating to electronic funds transfers and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 28:24

33rd Legislative Day (3/4/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 75 - adopt updated guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment in connection with workers' compensation claims.
Starts at 03:09

SB 195 - revise the distribution of the wind energy tax.
Starts at 09:29

SB 157 - revise the distribution from the wind energy tax fund.
Starts at 1:03:55

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