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2013 House Local Government - Audio Archive
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HOUSE LOCAL GOVERNMENT3rd Legislative Day (1/10/2013)
Complete Meeting

7th Legislative Day (1/17/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1018 - revise certain provisions concerning elections and petitions.
Starts at 02:50

9th Legislative Day (1/22/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1068 - repeal certain provisions relating to the deferral of action by municipalities on committee reports.
Starts at 02:20

HB 1076 - repeal the requirement to separately publish certain information concerning county poor relief from the minutes of the county commissions.
Starts at 09:01

HB 1078 - revise the location where certain county highway maps may be filed.
Starts at 22:41

HB 1079 - increase the fee for certain property tax deeds.
Starts at 27:55

11th Legislative Day (1/24/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1077 - repeal certain provisions requiring railroad companies to file maps with county officials.
Starts at 02:46

HB 1069 - increase the administrative assessment fee for the guarantee fund.
Starts at 04:25

HB 1082 - revise certain provisions concerning the designation of official newspapers for municipalities.
Starts at 13:20

HB 1086 - revise certain provisions relating to the publication of certain records by cooperatives.
Starts at 22:55

HB 1010 - provide for exceptions from certain misdemeanor offenses relating to possession of handguns.
Starts at 39:25

14th Legislative Day (1/29/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1081 - specify the duration of certain municipal appointments.
Starts at 02:51

HB 1099 - authorize municipalities to pay for certain services in advance.
Starts at 08:14

HB 1107 - revise certain provisions relating to drainage utility fees in municipalities.
Starts at 13:16

HB 1085 - revise certain provisions concerning the notice given to municipalities and counties for bingo games and lotteries.
Starts at 28:12

16th Legislative Day (1/31/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1101 - revise certain provisions relating to public employee grievance procedures.
Starts at 00:04:18

HB 1120 - allow regional intergovernmental cooperation for sewer utilities and to provide for the establishment of rates and charges.
Starts at 00:15:20

HB 1179 - provide for the acceptance of more than one bid for the provision of certain services to cities or counties.
Starts at 00:30:10

HB 1122 - revise certain requirements relating to health insurance plans for county officers and employees.
Starts at 01:07:43

18th Legislative Day (2/5/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1230 - provide for the removal of records of a discharged lien from the deed of real property.
Starts at 00:03:40

HB 1158 - revise certain provisions relating to the posting of public notice for meetings of public bodies.
Starts at 00:07:20

HB 1224 - allow municipalities, counties, and school districts to post certain information on the internet in addition to or in lieu of certain publication requirements.
Starts at 00:13:31

20th Legislative Day (2/7/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 122 - revise the dates for holding township board meetings.
Starts at 03:25

SB 86 - increase the minimum salary payable to county officials, state's attorneys, and sheriffs.
Starts at 05:40

HB 1220 - permit the use of golf carts under certain circumstances within state parks or recreation areas.
Starts at 1:04:49

SB 156 - authorize township boards to increase the front foot assessment for road maintenance, repairs, and improvements and to revise certain provisions concerning road districts established by townships.
Starts at 40:02

21st Legislative Day (2/12/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 88 - authorize the county to deny bids on county sales of tax deed properties if the bidder is not current on property taxes due.
Starts at 00:03:03

SB 126 - revise the provisions that authorize townships to combine the offices of the clerk and the treasurer.
Starts at 00:10:18

SB 127 - revise certain provisions concerning the health and educational facilities authority.
Starts at 00:16:25

HB 1220 - permit the use of golf carts under certain circumstances within state parks or recreation areas.
Starts at 00:26:41

27th Legislative Day (2/21/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 121 - repeal certain provisions relating to the Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation.
Starts at 04:10

SB 166 - revise the number of years that permits to carry a concealed weapon are valid.
Starts at 08:15

30th Legislative Day (2/26/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 130 - revise certain provisions concerning absentee voting.
Starts at 02:42

SB 155 - establish a local government road improvement grant fund for the purpose of serving new agricultural facilities and to make an appropriation therefor.
Starts at 1:06:32

SB 180 - amend certain provisions relating to the publication of payroll information.
Starts at 10:46

32nd Legislative Day (2/28/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 206 - revise certain provisions relating to liability and to worker's compensation and disability payments for law enforcement officers performing duties in other jurisdictions.
Starts at 01:55

SB 114 - provide a definition of smoking and to permit smoking of hookah or shisha tobacco in certain licensed establishments.
Starts at 42:45

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