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2013 Interim Audio Archive
Meeting Schedule

1/13/2014 Executive Board
 Government Operations and Audit

12/17/2013 Rules Review
 Executive Board

12/2/2013 Watershed Task Force
12/2/2013 Legislative Planning Committee

11/19/2013 Bonding Committee
11/19/2013 Executive Board
11/18/2013 Bonding Committee
11/18/2013 Executive Board
11/12/2013 Rules Review

10/29/2013 Ag Land Assessment
10/28/2013 Legislative Planning Committee
10/22/2013 Government Operations and Audit
10/21/2013 Education Funding Formula Study
10/21/2013 Domestic Abuse Study

9/25/2013 Executive Board
9/24/2013 Government Operations and Audit
9/23/2013 Education Funding Formula Study
9/17/2013 Rules Review
9/4/2013 Domestic Abuse Study

8/21/2013 Government Operations and Audit
8/20/2013 Rules Review
8/19/2013 Executive Board
8/1/2013 Domestic Abuse Study

7/31/2013 Rules Review
7/30/2013 Education Funding Formula Study
7/29/2013 Education Funding Formula Study

7/25/2013 Ag Land Assessment
 Rules Review

6/25/2013 Appropriations
6/19/2013 Education Funding Formula Study
6/17/2013 Domestic Abuse Study
6/12/2013 Ag Land Assessment
6/11/2013 Government Operations and Audit
6/11/2013 State Tribal Relations
6/10/2013 Executive Board
6/4/2013 Rules Review

6/3/2013 Legislative Procedures

5/20/2013 Rules Review
5/14/2013 Government Operations and Audit
5/13/2013 Executive Board

4/23/2013 Executive Board
Rules Review

3/25/2013 Executive Board
3/25/2013 Appropriations

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South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard delivers his annual message to the legislature.
South Dakota Chief Justice David Gilbertson addresses a joint session of the legislature.
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier speaks to the South Dakota Legislature