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2013 Senate Taxation - Audio Archive
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SENATE TAXATION2nd Legislative Day (1/9/2013)
Complete Meeting

4th Legislative Day (1/11/2013)
Complete Meeting

6th Legislative Day (1/16/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 50 - authorize the Department of Revenue to provide certain lists to other state agencies.
Starts at 01:25

SB 54 - revise certain provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code.
Starts at 39:37

8th Legislative Day (1/18/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 55 - make certain form and style changes regarding the bank franchise tax.
Starts at 0:45

SB 58 - revise certain provisions regarding the electronic filing of motor fuel tax reports and the electronic remittance of motor fuel tax.
Starts at 09:34

10th Legislative Day (1/23/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1040 - authorize the Department of Revenue to provide lists of licensed boat dealers.
Starts at 01:19

13th Legislative Day (1/28/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 156 - authorize township boards to increase the front foot assessment for road maintenance, repairs, and improvements and to revise certain provisions concerning road districts established by townships.
Starts at 00:57

SB 157 - revise the distribution from the wind energy tax fund.
Starts at 33:57

15th Legislative Day (1/30/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 99 - revise the term used to refer to the imposition of an additional property tax levy for raising revenue for school districts.
Starts at 00:55

SB 144 - revise how municipalities may assess property for improvements.
Starts at 17:01

SB 145 - revise certain provisions concerning the content of annual property tax bill.
Starts at 50:42

17th Legislative Day (2/4/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 121 - repeal certain provisions relating to the Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation.
Starts at 01:00

SB 199 - exempt certain property used for educational purposes from taxation.
Starts at 23:15

SJR 2 - Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the vote required to increase taxes.
Starts at 25:01

19th Legislative Day (2/6/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 217 - exempt certain rodeo events from sales taxes.
Starts at 03:50

22nd Legislative Day (2/13/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1090 - exempt certain amateur sports coaches from sales tax.
Starts at 01:45

SB 199 - exempt certain property used for educational purposes from taxation.
Starts at 1:11:00

SB 175 - exempt trucking of used tires and tire casings from sales and use taxes.
Starts at 32:53

24th Legislative Day (2/15/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1153 - exempt certain environmental upgrade values from assessment during construction and to provide a sunset clause for the environmental upgrade exemption.
Starts at 00:00:05

SB 175 - exempt trucking of used tires and tire casings from sales and use taxes.
Starts at 00:06:58

26th Legislative Day (2/20/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1039 - clarify the gross receipts subject to taxation by the retail sales and service tax, the gross receipts tax on visitor related businesses, the municipal non-ad valorem tax, and the municipal gross receipts tax.
Starts at 01:24

HB 1239 - appropriate money to the Board of Regents for the purpose of funding increased employee health insurance costs, and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 07:15

31st Legislative Day (2/27/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1143 - create a leased residential property classification and to establish the school district general fund levy for the property classification.
Starts at 01:17

HB 1189 - permit townships to levy a capital improvement property tax for highways, secondary roads, bridges, and culverts.
Starts at 1:04:55

35th Legislative Day (3/6/2013)
Complete Meeting

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