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2013 Senate Transportation - Audio Archive
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SENATE TRANSPORTATION2nd Legislative Day (1/9/2013)
Complete Meeting

3rd Legislative Day (1/10/2013)
Complete Meeting

4th Legislative Day (1/11/2013)
Complete Meeting

6th Legislative Day (1/16/2013)
Complete Meeting

8th Legislative Day (1/18/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 47 - exempt highway personnel in the performance of their duties from the minimum speed on interstate highways.
Starts at 04:29

SB 49 - establish the fee charged by registers of deeds for documents filed by the Department of Transportation disposing of highway right-of-way that is no longer needed for highway purposes.
Starts at 06:55

10th Legislative Day (1/23/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 41 - revise certain provisions regarding the requirements for school bus inspection and to authorize the Highway Patrol to approve school bus inspectors.
Starts at 02:27

SB 45 - permit certain persons to renew an operator's license, a motorcycle operator's license, or nondriver identification card without appearing in person at a driver license exam site.
Starts at 27:28

SB 48 - authorize the Transportation Commission to establish rules governing the allowance, placement, and maintenance of newspaper vending machines at interstate rest areas.
Starts at 36:53

12th Legislative Day (1/25/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 53 - expand the application of the farm decal system.
Starts at 03:08

SB 78 - revise certain provisions relating to medical requirements for intrastate drivers transporting passengers and to update certain references to federal statutes.
Starts at 35:38

13th Legislative Day (1/28/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1041 - revise certain provisions regarding the purchase price of rebuilt motor vehicles and to create a motor vehicle excise tax exemption for sales tax paid on parts used in rebuilt motor vehicles and vehicles manufactured by individuals.
Starts at 04:13

15th Legislative Day (1/30/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1042 - authorize manufactured home dealers to submit license fees directly to the Department of Revenue and to provide an electronic renewal notice to certain dealers.
Starts at 02:44

HB 1043 - authorize the Department of Revenue to establish an electronic title system for motor vehicles and to revise certain provisions regarding an electronic lien filing system.
Starts at 09:20

SB 170 - require a temporary permit to be issued to certain persons lacking certain documents when applying for a driver license or nondriver identification card.
Starts at 40:50

17th Legislative Day (2/4/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 105 - revise certain provisions regarding instruction permits and restricted minor's permits to drive a motor vehicle.
Starts at 00:02:04

SB 106 - prohibit certain minors from using wireless communication devices while operating motor vehicles upon the public highways.
Starts at 00:40:42

SB 107 - limit the number of passengers allowed in a motor vehicle operated by a holder of a restricted minor's permit.
Starts at 01:14:34

SB 216 - establish a state-wide driver education program and make an appropriation therefor.
Starts at 01:40:35

19th Legislative Day (2/6/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 151 - clarify the maintenance responsibilities on unimproved section lines.
Starts at 00:04:36

SB 212 - permit auctioneers to sell certain motor vehicles that have out-of-state titles.
Starts at 00:40:05

22nd Legislative Day (2/13/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 42 - update references to federal regulations regarding safe transport of hazardous materials.
Starts at 04:17

SB 219 - revise the fuel excise tax rate for liquid petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, and liquefied natural gas.
Starts at 1:19:33

SB 143 - revise certain provisions regarding informational directional signing on the interstate right-of-way.
Starts at 1:31:59

SB 44 - allow disqualification of commercial driver licenses for violations of federal, state, or local texting bans while driving a commercial vehicle to comply with federal regulations and requirements.
Starts at 16:19

SB 220 - revise certain procedures for the vacation, change, or location of public highways.
Starts at 30:49

24th Legislative Day (2/15/2013)
Complete Meeting
SB 154 - revise the maximum weight allowed on certain wide-based super single tires.
Starts at 00:03:00

SB 142 - prohibit the use of certain handheld electronic wireless devices for electronic messaging while driving and to prohibit conflicting municipal regulations.
Starts at 00:25:40

26th Legislative Day (2/20/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1117 - revise the definition of a temporary special events lot for the purposes of vehicle dealer licensing.
Starts at 03:00

HB 1118 - revise certain provisions regarding special motor vehicle license plates for veterans with disabilities.
Starts at 16:35

28th Legislative Day (2/22/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1141 - revise certain provisions regarding certain motor vehicle dealer license plates and permits.
Starts at 03:32

HB 1162 - provide for special organ donation decals for license plates.
Starts at 23:50

29th Legislative Day (2/25/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1144 - permit the euthanization of wildlife that have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents.
Starts at 00:03:35

HB 1174 - revise certain provisions pertaining to snowmobile operation.
Starts at 00:29:54

31st Legislative Day (2/27/2013)
Complete Meeting
HB 1080 - include certain speeding offenses in the point system for traffic violations for the purposes of driver license records.
Starts at 02:10

33rd Legislative Day (3/4/2013)
Complete Meeting

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