Thanks for being a part of SDPB's Spring Drive!

We love that you are willing to help us out and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.  To make a Facebook fundraiser on your personal Facebook page, just follow the steps below.

Instructions for Creating a FB Fundraiser from Your Personal Account:


1. If you are using your mobile device, make sure you are accessing Facebook from the Facebook app (not the web browser).  You can download the Facebook app from your app store.  All screen shots below are done from a mobile.  If you are using your browser, the instructions are the same, your view of each step will just be wider to fit your computer screen.


2. Log into Facebook and get ready to create a post on your personal page.


2. In the "Create a Post/What's on Your Mind?" drop down, scroll down until you find "Support Nonprofit" and choose that option.

On Mobile:

Step 2.jpg

On a computer browser:

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.50.17 AM.png

3. Start typing "South Dakota Public Broadcasting" in the search bar and then click on our logo when it appears.

Step 3.jpg

4. Here is where you can make your fundraiser unique--write your own personal message, add your own video or photos.   Telling your friends what your goal is--be it to raise $100 or $1,000 helps keep everyone excited about the project. Above all, be yourself and have fun--these are YOUR friends and this a cause you care about!  Learn more about making a custom video for Facebook here.

  Step 4.jpg


6. Share your post!  Don't forget to reshare your post every few days to remind your friends of your fundraising goal.