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Arts & Culture

Throwing Pots at a Home for Cracked Crocks: Dakota Stoneware's Dave Huebner

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

The Bushnell ceramic artist's work is inspired by historic American pottery traditions.

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In Aberdeen: The Rustic Art of Log Furniture Making

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

Keith A. Miller of K&A Log Furniture channels wood's inner beauty.

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Animal Mementos of a Missouri River Atlantis

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

In downtown Chamberlain, six animal sculptures created by WPA artists are reminders of a submerged island Shangri-la.

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Children & Education

Beyond DeVos, What 5 Key Trump Appointees Could Mean For Schools

Last Updated by Laura Dimock on

A look at the records of some of President Trump's key appointees to see how they might affect education in the years to come.

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Reading with Your Kids

Last Updated by SDPB on

REACH is a self-paced interactive reading program to engage parents and children as at-home reading partners.

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Full-Time Kid: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Posted by Nate Wek on

Packed with nine (that's right, nine!) different flavor zones, this is the ultimate PB & J sandwich! What other spreads would you add?

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Native Americans and Community Celebrations

Last Updated by Brian Gevik, Text by Gary Enright - Director - 1881 Courthouse Museum - Custer on

Native Americans in South Dakota have participated in off-reservation community events for a long time.

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Midday Margins

Midday Margins Blog: The Reading Life of SD Chief Justice David Gilbertson

The first time I interviewed South Dakota Chief Justice David Gilbertson, we were in Pierre, and I was still getting...

Midday Margins Blog: On Oil Leaks, Authenticity, And Occasionally Asking the Wrong Questions

Three words are posted above my desk at South Dakota Public Broadcasting. These are the core principals the Dakota...

Midday Margins Blog: The Reading Life Of Senator Tom Daschle

The way people read fascinates me. Most people don't think about it much, but there are as many different reading...

Savor Dakota

Four Super Bowl Party Snacks You HAVE To Try

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

With the "big game" on Sunday, it's time to plan out what to serve at the party. Here are four fun recipes to try during the Super Bowl.

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Savor Dakota in Pierre: Senate Bill 7, Taxes on Land Used for Agriculture

Last Updated by Melissa Sievers on

Senate Bill 7 reworks the definition of agricultural land for taxation purposes. The idea is to allow small acreages to make use of the code. Presented by Senator Cammack, members of the Senate heard the measure on Tuesday, January 24.

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Savor Dakota Holiday Recipes: Potato Sausage

Posted by Melissa Sievers on

Potato Sausage is a time honored recipe that generations have made in the Kennedy family of Beresford. Katie Kennedy Westra shares a tradition that she enjoys, passed down from her grandmother.

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Science & Technology

The DSU Pumpkin Project - Part One

Last Updated by Brian Gevik on

The contents of an old jar might lead to a cure for cancer and better understanding of humanity's impact on climate change. Or not.

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Medicine Women

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

A new documentary interweaves the lives of Native American women healers of today with the story of America’s first Native doctor.

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The Neuroanatomy of a Zombie

Posted by SDPB on

PBS NewsHour Presents: The Zombie Autopsies

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Sports & Recreation

National Spotlight Being Shown On Mike Miller Classic

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

South Dakota native Mike Miller recently sat down with the Denver Nuggets organization to talk about his legacy of basketball in his hometown state. One of the top points of dicussion was the Mike Miller Classic...

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Four Classes Of High School Basketball In South Dakota? It's Possible...

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

The South Dakota High School Basketball Advisory committee met this week to discuss the possibility of adding a fourth class of high school basketball in the state.

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A Few Basic Rules of Six-Man Football

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

South Dakota could very well experience the addition of six-man football, starting in the year 2019. Here are a few basic rules you need to know about six-man football.

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