SDPB Webcast Schedule 
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statehouse2.gif12/1/201410:00 AMSTATEHOUSE: Interim, Jolene's Law Task Force
 statehouse2.gif12/2/20142:00 PMSTATEHOUSE: Interim, Appropriations
statehouse2.gif12/2/201412:00 PMSTATEHOUSE: Interim Governor's Budget Address
USD.jpg 12/4/2014 7:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Northern Iowa @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg12/5/2014 7:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Youngstown State @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg12/6/2014 2:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Cal State Fullerton @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg12/9/20147:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs.Valparaiso@ Vermillion, S.D.
focus1.jpg12/11/2014 8:00 PMSD Focus:Elderly Fraud
statehouse2.gif12/16/2014 9:00 AMSTATEHOUSE: Interim Rules Review
focus1.jpg  12/18/2014 8:00 PMSD Focus: Human Trafficking follow-up
USD.jpg 12/18/20145:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs.University of Saint Mary @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg 12/18/20147:30 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Montana State @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg 12/21/20142:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs.North Dakota @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg 12/28/20142:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Milwaukee@ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg  1/2/20157:30 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Omaha @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg1/14/20157:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. North Dakota State @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg1/15/20157:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. North Dakota State @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg1/17/20152:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. South Dakota State @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg1/28/20157:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Denver @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg  1/29/2015 7:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Fort Wayne @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg1/31/20152:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Oral Roberts @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg1/31/20154:30 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Oral Roberts @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/5/20157:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Western Illinois @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/6/20157:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Fort Wayne @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/12/20157:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Omaha  @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/17/20157:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Avila @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/21/20152:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. IUPUI @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/25/20157:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. Denver @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/26/20157:00 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. IUPUI @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/28/20154:00 PMUSD Mens Basketball vs. South Dakota State @ Vermillion, S.D.
USD.jpg2/28/20151:30 PMUSD Womens Basketball vs. Western Illinois @ Vermillion, S.D.


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