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A California university is shutting down. Its basketball team will have a last dance


Call it the last dance of Antelope Valley. The University of Antelope Valley pioneers are sending their men's and women's basketball teams to their division tournament, but win or lose, when the tournament is over, there will be no university for players to return to. The federal government ordered the California school to shut down this week because of financial mismanagement. The basketball teams were going to have to disband too, but they were allowed to raise money to continue playing. A GoFundMe campaign raised more than $40,000 in three days.


SIMON: Women Pioneers are 13th-seed, and the men are seeded sixth, but men's coach Jordan Mast doesn't care about the small stuff. He told ESPN, unlike most teams this year who might be happy or upset with their seeding or matchup, we're feeling beyond blessed that we even get to compete.

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