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Lessons our moms taught us


On this Mother's Day, the team at ALL THINGS CONSIDERED wants to honor our moms by remembering the greatest lessons they ever taught us. Here's some of them.


AVERY KEATLEY, BYLINE: I'm producer Avery Keatley, and my mom, Lauren (ph), taught me the art of hospitality and how to make people feel welcome in your home. She also taught me to keep driving around the block when your favorite Led Zeppelin song is on the radio.

MICHAEL LEVITT, BYLINE: I'm producer Michael Levitt, and my mom, Maria (ph), taught me the importance of feeding your loved ones. So basically, if they say they're full, don't believe them. They need a little more on that plate.

TINBETE ERMYAS, BYLINE: I'm editor Tinbete Ermyas, and my mom, Eleni (ph), has taught me so many lessons, but some of my favorites are how to care for others, being compassionate and the art of bargain hunting.

ERIKA RYAN, BYLINE: I'm director Erika Ryan, and my mom, Allison (ph), taught me to make the family spaghetti sauce. Don't worry, mom, I'm not telling anyone else.

LAUREN HODGES, BYLINE: I'm producer Lauren Hodges. And speaking of sauce, my mom, Nancy (ph), taught me that ice is the best stain remover, especially for wine (whispering) and blood.

DETROW: (Laughter). And I'm Scott Detrow, and my mom, Pam (ph), taught me to reach for big things, that it's OK to skip school when there's a World Series parade to go to and to be active. Thanks, Mom. And happy Mother's Day to everybody listening.

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