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20 Years of Wait Wait
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Peter Sagal

Tune in to SDPB Radio as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beloved weekly hour-long quiz program Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me! with a series of major live shows in 2018.

“When the show began, we all assumed we’d be canceled any minute and decided to just make ourselves laugh by saying what we really thought about the news until someone stopped us,” said host Peter Sagal. “Twenty years later, we’re still waiting. I don’t know what’s keeping them, frankly. I mean, have you actually listened to us?”

“When we started the show in 1998, we worried about whether there would be enough public idiocy to fill up the show every week,” said Doug Berman, the show’s creator. “In retrospect, that was a completely unwarranted concern. And, sadly, I think the future is even brighter for our show.”

Special broadcasts include live from Millennium Park in Chicago, IL, on August 9, and Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee, WI, on August 30.

Listen to SDPB this fall for your chance to attend a Wait, Wait live anniversary show in Chicago, Oct. 25. Includes hotel and airfare, courtesy of Wait, Wait.

Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! airs Saturdays at 10am (9 MT) and Sundays at 2pm (1 MT) on SDPB Radio.