2019 NPR Tiny Desk: Back Alley
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“See Your Face” stood out to SDPB Super Fans as the only local Tiny Desk entry to contain a round. “Dustin wanted us to have a round part in a song since we started writing together and he finally tricked the guys into trying it,” say Ethan and Ryne. “It happened to actually sound good and we think that makes it stick out a bit, especially from the rest of our originals.” The folk-pop group originated seven years ago as a cover band at Augustana University. The members enjoy the great beer, good food, and relaxed environments of South Dakota’s live music venues and say the state influences their songwriting. “As people who have grown up and continue to have lives here, most of our songs are about people of South Dakota. Whether it’s about breakups and exes, friends struggling with anxiety and depression, missed opportunities or love songs for our significant others – they’re all South Dakota people that have impacted us in huge ways.”