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2019 NPR Tiny Desk: Kimberley Kaye
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A licensed pastor and bookkeeper, Kimberly Kaye won our hearts with her plucky, toe-tapping homage to her hero roots musicians. “I bought my first guitar when I was 13 from money earned walking beans and pulling weeds in the beanfield where I grew up in Iowa,” says Kaye. “As a family, we played a lot of the old classic tunes around the kitchen table on Saturday nights where relatives would gather to sing and play.” 

Kaye performs at oprys and state fairs around the Midwest. “Performing in South Dakota is such a delight,” says Kaye. “People are so warm and welcoming. I play classic country songs with original tunes, which by default are that country twang I know and love so well. I like the raw sound, no overproduction on CD’s, just authentic country sounds. I think we’re losing that in this day and age of technical ‘fixes.’ It’s almost like if we make a mistake, technology will fix it and make us sound perfect. No one is perfect. Overproduction takes the humanity out of it.” 

In addition to performing and writing her own songs, Kaye hosts Kimberly Kaye Country Café on her Facebook page. “I love featuring the sounds of local/regional artists who promote, sing, play classic country music. They are great historians and supporters of the genre.”