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2019 NPR Tiny Desk: My Second Rodeo
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Although “Allie Oh” is about moving on from an ex-girlfriend, the bright, popping, party-time jam was an instant favorite among SDPB Super Fans. “It holds a special place as our first original song and seems to get a lot of great crowd feedback,” says Jason Guthmiller. By day My Second Rodeo are a beverage distributor, hotel manager, bike fixer and IT admin, but for the last year they’ve been playing regular gigs at Spearfish Creek Wine Bar and other venues. “Performing in South Dakota is great,” says Guthmiller, “There are so many people who love the arts here. Listeners are genuinely interested in our original material. The Black Hills music community is strongly united and supportive of each other. One challenge is that we’re making pretty much the same wages performing musicians were making 30 years ago – or less, ha ha.”