2019 NPR Tiny Desk: Six Mile Road
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Comprised of a timber sales administrator, community support provider, businessmen and a middle school music teacher, the bluegrass Americana group Six Mile Road played their first gig in 1998 at Spearfish’s Knights Cellar. Although members have come and gone, the current configuration has been the longest in the group’s history. With day jobs and families, the band mostly gigs around the Black Hills. “Playing in SD is great and the Black Hills music scene seems to be having somewhat of renaissance,” says Dan Cross. “There’s more music now than what I remember 20 years ago.” Although “Freight Train” has a tight and lively bluegrass vibe, Cross says, “I’ve always had a hard time describing our sound. We’re not straight up bluegrass but can be at times. We’re also a little Progressive and Americana, but not always. I guess we’ve always been more concerned with whether or not the music sounds good.” The group is releasing their first album of originals soon.