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SDPB Staff Profile: Brian Gevik
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SDPB’s Brian Gevik is multitalented in the media world. Not only does he research, write, shoot and edit content for the multi-platform series Images of the Past, he helps maintain SDPB’s websites. He’s produced 12 hour and half-hour TV documentaries for SDPB and countless Dakota Life segments and digital shorts. “Well before you hit 30-plus years in TV production and broadcasting, you kind of quit counting,” says Gevik.

Born in Sioux Falls and a graduate of Washington High School (“when it was still downtown”) and USD, Gevik has been a videographer and producer for SDPB, KELO and regional media outlets for over 30 years. He started with SDPB’s Digital Services in 2008, working on SDPB’s website and assisting with high school activities coverage. Gevik’s skills and experience evolved with time and technology. Now a Media Specialist, he contributes in multiple ways across all of SDPB’s broadcast and online platforms. “I’m not a hard news journalist, but I produce TV documentaries, mainly stories about South Dakota history.” He also does voice-overs for SDPB’s radio and TV promotions, as well as for other SDPB docs.

“It’s difficult to pick a most memorable moment because I enjoy pretty much everything I get to do at SDPB,” says Gevik. “Every now and again, when I’m on the job, I think about how much fun I’m having. If I had to pick, it’d be the experience of shooting video while biking the Mickelson Trail. The feeling that you are doing the job you were meant to be doing is extremely gratifying.”

When he’s not shooting or writing documentaries, Gevik enjoys bicycling, sailing, horseback riding and fishing. He and his wife, Liz, a USD professor of speech and language pathology, live on a farm near Wakonda.