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South Dakota Community Foundation Challenges SDPB with Donor Match
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SDPB has been chosen as one of five organizations to be a part of the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) Nonprofit Savings Account program.

SDCF’s Nonprofit Savings Account program aims to be a catalyst for nonprofit, longterm sustainability through the establishment of endowment funds. SDPB has been challenged to raise $80,000 in two years to establish a $100,000 endowment for SDPB in partnership with the SDCF. SDPB will receive a $20,000 challenge grant – $1 from the SDCF for every $4 raised from SDPB supporters -- from the SDCF after raising $80,000 from SDPB supporters by September 30, 2020. Funds will be invested over time and earnings will create a long-term revenue source to support SDPB.

Julie Overgaard, SDPB Executive Director, said, “We’re grateful and excited Friends of SDPB has been chosen for this special opportunity with the SDCF. Long-term financial planning is key to providing SDPB programs and services to all South Dakotans for generations to come.” Stephanie Judson, SDCF President, said, “By partnering with supporters of local nonprofits to build endowment funds, we are helping provide consistent funding for years to come. The South Dakota Community Foundation remains committed to strengthening nonprofits in our state.”

The fundraising deadline for the SDPB/SDCF Nonprofit Savings Account program is September 30, 2020. To help SDPB reach our goal with a donation, checks may be made payable to SDCF/Friends of SDPB Fund and sent to: Friends of SDPB PO Box 5000 Brookings, SD 57006-5000 For more information, please contact Ryan Howlett, Friends of SDPB, at (605) 367-7266 or