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South Dakota Home Garden Social Groups
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Bird Baths are a way to add a focal point to your yard and lure winged friends to your home.

EriGardening is a popular pastime in South Dakota.  Plucking vegetables for a family meal is truly a treat.  Flower gardens offer a visual spectacle.  Patios are a welcome haven to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  Social media allows curious gardeners to share projects that they've completed or ask questions about a particular process.  Members of the Backyard Gardening in Rapid City South Dakota Facebook page were generous enough to share photos of the water features they've added.  East River, Sioux Falls Area Garden Growers is a page to compare notes and find support for one's green thumb.

I find it great fun to browse through posts made and observing how diverse each garden is.  Many people have water features in their garden, seldom are any two quite the same.

Margaret Watson lives in Rapid City but calls herself a California Girl.  The slopes of the Black Hills are a bit different than the rocky shoreline of the west coast.

Running water is a soothing sound for Watson, that's part of the reason she maintains a fountain on her patio with plants underneath.

Margaret Watson also enjoys a kitchen garden filled with herbs.  This bird bath has a solar powered pump to ward off mosquitoes.

Laurel Lather lives near downtown Rapid City, but built a pond to contribute to her serene backyard.  Pockets of greenery offers Roxie Hedblom Lutke, of 

Rapid City an opportunity to observe nature as well.


Fish are present in the pond of Tim Doorn.   Lilies help to filter water for the creatures that swim below.

There are a multitude of ways to personalize your garden and surrounding landscape.  Water is a wonderful way to add soothing sound, and is calming to watch.  Nature enthusiasts will enjoy observing birds that come to visit as well.  Social media groups allow folks to compare notes with each other.  Paulette Morse with South Dakota State University Extension of Rapid City enjoys  the opportunity, "I love watching the Backyard Gardening FB page, I've learned so much!"  SDSU Extension is another great resource for garden know-how.


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Kelly Commet and her boyfriend built this patio water feature together.