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Watertown Unveils a New Artwalk
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Lost in a Dream by Jack Morford
Lost in a Dream by Jack Morford


Watertown now has an Artwalk. Ten sculptures by ten different artists were installed today — nine along Kemp Avenue in the heart of Uptown, and one in front of the Redlin Art Center.

“Watertown Artwalk is another part of the H20-20 Initiative that includes the construction of a new middle school and recreation center,” said Dave Johnson of Watertown Artwalk, “and is aimed at revitalizing Uptown, [an effort] we are very excited to see ongoing.” Recent renovations of historic buildings, including the Goss Opera House and Century Building, are part of that continuing revitalization effort.

The Artwalk begins in front of the Watertown Community Foundation and continues for 3 blocks along Kemp Avenue, ending at the Medical Arts Building. Artist Joellen Domenico’s “Eagle & Hawk” stands in front of the Redlin Art Center. The sculptures will be on display for ten months.

Sculptures on the Artwalk include:

Resurgence by Chris Powell

Image - aw4.JPG

Eagle & Hawk by Joellen Domenico

Image - aw8.JPG

The Shaman by Pokey Park

Image - aw14.JPG

School’s Out by Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Image - aw2.JPG

The Artwalk was achieved through the efforts and contributions of the Joy Fund at Watertown Community Foundation, the Watertown Community Foundation, Gray Construction, Reliabank and Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk. Sponsors include the Watertown Community Foundation, City of Watertown, Haugan Nelson Realty, Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce, Watertown Development Company, Dugan Sales & Service, Great Western Bank, Reliabank, John & Angie Reppe and the Redlin Art Center.