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Dangling Spider Webs
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Homemade spider web

Calling all Ghosts and Goblins! Halloween is right around the corner! If you're looking for a Spook-tacular activity for you and your child to do, this would be terror-ific!


  • Yarn (White)
  • Water
  • Glue
  • Balloon
  • Invisible Thread (Optional)
  • Plastic Spiders


  1. Add a little water to your glue to make a watered-down glue mixture.
  2. Dip the yarn into the watered-down glue and pull through your pinched index finger and thumb to make sure the yarn isn't too wet.
  3. Blow up your balloon. The size of the balloon will be the size of the web.
  4. Wrap the gluey yarn around the balloon and set it out to dry.
  1. Once it's dry, pop the balloon. Now your web is ready to hang!

You can place as many or as few spiders as you want on the web. I hung some of these guys with invisible thread! If you don't have invisible thread, you can just use extra yarn.

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