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Easy DIY Toy: Spin-finite Tops
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By Ana Dziengel of Babble Dabble Do

An easy DIY toy that always delights kids and adults is the simple spinning top. This “spin-finite” version is made from two easy to find materials that when combined, spin for a very, very long time!


Image - TOP2.jpg

• 1 ½” to 2 ¼” diameter washers - available at hardware stores (The heavier the washer the better the top spins.)
• large beads - available at crafts stores or here
• glue gun and glue
• colorful tape
• scissors
• bamboo skewers (optional)


Basic Version

Cover a washer with tape.

Image - TOP3.jpg

Trim tape along edges.

Image - TOP4.jpg

Add decorative tape if desired.

Image - TOP5.jpg

Cut out the center using a matt knife (adults only for this step).

Image - TOP6.jpg

Place a bead in center hole. It’s best to use a bead that is slightly larger than the washer’s center hole. Make sure the bottom of the bead sits slightly below the bottom of the washer.

Have an adult hot glue the bead in place to the washer.

Image - TOP7.jpg

Center Stick Version - Use this version for smaller beads and washers

Follow steps 1 to 4 above.

Trim a skewer to roughly 2” long.

Image - TOP8.jpg

Place skewer through center hole of one of the beads leaving 1/4" exposed skewer at the bottom.

Hot glue the bead to the skewer.

Hot glue the bead to the washer making sure the skewer is aligned with the center hole of the washer.

Image - TOP9.jpg
Image - TOP10.jpg


• Smaller beads may be harder to grasp and spin. I recommend making the center stick version when using smaller beads.
• Make sure hot glue doesn't get on the bottom of the bead or the top won’t be able to spin.
• It may take a few practice runs to get these spinning. Because they are low to the surface you will need to master spinning them without wobbling, but once they go, they really, really go!