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Glitter Glue Ghost Art
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Glitter Glue Ghost
Caroline Gravino

This easy and boo-tiful Halloween art craft requires only three materials!


black construction paper

glitter (use white or silver)

school glue


Draw the shape of a ghost using a school glue squeeze bottle. Don't forget to make two eyes and a wide open oval mouth so the ghost can say "Boo!"

Image - Step-One-670x422.jpg

Cover your glue drawing in glitter.

Image - Step-2-670x426.jpg

Shake the excess glitter off and your art project is complete!

Image - Step-3-670x390.jpg

Hang your artwork around the house and decorate for Halloween or give out to friends and family for a spooky Halloween treat!

Image - Ghost-Art-Feature-670x416.jpg

For the orginial craft page and a demonstration video, click here.