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The Frontier Army
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buffalo soldiers - 1890

Above: Buffalo soldiers of the 25th Infantry, some wearing buffalo robes, Ft. Keogh, Montana. Chr. Barthelmess, photographer, Fort Keogh, Montana. Fort Keogh Montana, 1890. Photograph.

A recently-published book about the activities of the U.S. Army in the territories west of the Mississippi offers fresh perspectives on subjects ranging from the art of Frederick Remington to the Lakota view of the massacre at Wounded Knee.

The book contains seven essays about the frontier Army in the Northern Plains, including the Black Hills, between 1854 and 1890. The essays show that there is much more to the story of the frontier Army than George Custer and the Little Bighorn,” said foundation president Catherine Forsch. The foundation is the nonprofit fundraising partner of the South Dakota State Historical Society.

“The Frontier Army” was recently published by the South Dakota Historical Society Press. It is sold in the Heritage Stores at the Cultural Heritage Center and the Capitol.

R. Eli Paul on SDPB's "In The Moment"


Producer Chris Laughery interviewed author R. Eli Paul on SDPB's "In The Moment" radio program. November 25, 2019