Before It Gets Better: Teen Mental Wellness
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TOPIC: "At Risk or In Transition? Understanding & Cultivating Teen Mental Wellness"

Mental well-being in young people is an essential determinant of mental health later in life. Examine the physical, social, psychological and cognitive changes adolescents experience in transition to adulthood and how to strengthen families, schools and communities.

Panel includes: 

- Dr.Justine Ashokar, Dir.,Clinical Services, The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, Black Hills Works 

- Lynell Rice Brinkworth, LMFT, QMHP, Spirals Counseling, LLC

- Stephanie Schweitzer Dixon, Executive Director, Front Porch Coalition 

- Kelly Marker, MS, LPC-MH, Choose Wellness Counseling 

- W. Burke Eilers, MS, LPC - MH, CPS, NCC, LAC,QMHP, CEO, Wellfully; former Dir., Youth & Family Services