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Former Lawmaker Donates Gift Cards For Vaccine Incentive Clinic
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A former lawmaker, businessman, and philanthropist got his birthday wish. More than ninety people turned out to receive a COVID-19 Vaccine. In return Stanford Adelstein donated 90 $100 gift cards.  

In partnership with Black Hills Area Community Foundation and Monument Health, 108 Johnson and Johnson vaccinations were administered at the Monument at LaCroix Hall in Rapid City.  

Chris Huber is the Donor Relations Manager for the Black Hills Area Community Foundation. He says local donor Dave Davis funded the remaining gift cards after Adelstein funded the first 90. 

“It's big, yeah. We've been very surprised. We had 60 people in line, approximately, when we opened the door. So it's been great to see that turnout.” 

The gift cards and peer pressure were incentives for Allen Mathis to get his first vaccine. 

“If I want to fly down the road, a lot of things. I'm going to a football game and I don't want to have to wear a mask, so I got the vaccination.” 

For Thomas Sanchez, an employee at The Monument, he was hesitant at first but decided to get it over with. 

“Well, just not being really sure what the outcome is of each one, because everyone that I've talked to, it's been different. I've talked to some people, "Oh, it's fine. Nothing happened to me." And I've talked, well, actually from my wife, she just got one and she is sick. She's really out of it.” 

Fifty-six percent of those eligible for the vaccine in South Dakota have received it. 

-EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been changed to reflect a correction. The number of vaccinations administered and information about the funding has been changed.