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In The Moment: A New State History Podcast, And The Future Of Our Symphony Orchestra

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In the Moment

Harold Timmerman is the emergency management coordinator for Lincoln County. He's with us to discuss the burn ban that is in place and what it exactly means for citizens.

South Dakota's youngest drivers will face new rules when they get behind the wheel after July 1st. Dan Lusk is the deputy secretary for the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, and he will talk about compliance with the new rule.  

South Dakota Symphony Orchestra Maestro Delta David Gier & Dean Peter Folliard of Augustana University's School of Music join us for a look at a new artistic partnership between the organizations.

Poetry from Studio 47 features the work of poet Andrew Marvell.

Ben Jones, Ph.D., is South Dakota's state historian and director of the State Historical Society. He joins us for a preview of the South Dakota State Historical Society's History 605 podcast. We'll talk with Dr. Jones about his plans for the podcast, his role as state historian, and how to avoid historical fallacies.

Apolonia Davalos visits with Dallas Chief Eagle in the new episode of Music Matters.


You can listen LIVE (12CT/11MT): 

In the Moment is hosted by Lori Walsh and produced by Chris Laughery and Steve Zwemke.