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In The Moment: 'Hidden Brain' Host Shankar Vedantam Talks 'Useful Delusions'

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In the Moment

In the Moment, June 11, 2021 Show 1068.

On Thursday, Governor Kristi Noem announced that the state has entered the Cooperative Interstate Shipping agreement. This program gives South Dakota meat processors the ability to sell their products across state lines. Dustin Oedekoven is the state veterinarian, he joins us with more.

Remembering Leonard Crow Dog. SDPB's Lee Strubinger reports on the legacy of a Lakota medicine man who recently passed away.

The human brain has an astounding ability for self-deception. That's not always a bad thing. Hidden Brain host Shankar Vedantam joins us to talk about his latest book Useful Delusions: The Power and Paradox of the Self-Deceiving Brain.

Poetry from Studio 47 features the work of 2-term U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins.

Wayne Gilbert is a local historian. June 18 he gives a presentation at the Historic Adams House in Deadwood called "Horse Thieves and Cattle Rustlers: Vigilante 'Justice' in the Black Hills."

Chaya Gordon-Bland is managing artistic director for the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival. She joins us for a look at this year's production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

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