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Flash Flood Rain Storm Hits Sioux Falls
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The Argus Leader

The city of Sioux Falls experienced one of its biggest rain storms in 20-years on Thursday night. SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt spoke with Brad Temeyer with the National Weather Service on Friday to discuss the events.

Temeyer explained that most experts are now watching for after-storm problems.

"Well, you know, here's the thing - a lof of this was fairly localized flooding, so we don't have too many problems downstream," said Temeyer. "But we are going to be watch the rivers here the next few days as they absorb some of this water and make sure everything behaves itself."

The YouTube channel SWmaster posted this video of the storm in a residential area of Sioux Falls. This video shows a street that has become a river.

Brandon Spinner is a Meteorologist with KDLT television in Sioux Falls. Here are the rainfall totals he received from the storm, and as you can see - some areas of the city saw more rain than others.

Image - Rainfall Totals.jpg