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MMIW Day of Awareness: May 5
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May 5th is national remembrance-day for missing and murdered indigenous women.  More than 70 have been reported in SD. 

Members of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society join In The Moment for a round table discussion on Missing and Murdered Indigeous Women awareness.

Linda Grover is professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Her 2014 novel The Road Back to Sweetgrass received the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers Fiction Award as well as the Native Writers Circle of the Americas First Book Award.

Grover's latest novel, In the Night of Memory, looks at the disapperance of Loretta, a mother who turns her two girls over to the county. She disappears after she promises to return for them. Grover joined us on In the Moment.

South Dakota Focus hosted Sarah Kinvull and Becky Rasmussen in a recent episode of South Dakota Focus with Stephanie Rissler.

Kinvull is a domestic violence survivor. Rasmussen is the director of Call to Freedom, a coalition of organizations throughout South Dakota that helps victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse.

MMIW He Sapa advocates for missing and murdered indigenous people.