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SDPB Discusses Cancer With Experts in South Dakota

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SDPB has been discussing the issue of cancer on Dakota Midday the past week. The guest list included Travis Christofferson (South Dakota Author of “Tripping Over the Truth”), Dr. Christopher Fischer (Nuclear Medicine Specialist at Sanford Health), and Dr. David Pearce (President of Sanford Research).

Travis Christofferson wrote the book “Tripping Over the Truth,” which takes an alternative look into cancer research. His book advocates for metabolic theory of cancer and also takes a look at the lack of progress in treating cancer over the past decade. He joined Charles Michael Ray on Dakota Midday last week.

Dr. Christopher Fischer is a nuclear medicine specialist at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed the use of the cyclotron in nuclear medicine and cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. David Pearce is the president of Sanford Research. He also directs Sanford’s Children’s Health Research Center and runs the Pearce Lab which studies the genetically inherited diseases of children, with a focus on Batten Disease. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed some of the latest news in cancer research.

SDPB-TV airs the latest Ken Burns documentary, Cancer the Emperor of All Maladies. The three-part, six-hour series covers the first documented appearances of cancer thousands of years ago through today’s battles to cure, control and conquer the disease. Watch it here.