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SDPB Film Selected for PBS Online Film Festival
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SDPB is pleased to announce that PBS has chosen an SDPB film for the PBS 2017 Online Film Festival. The digital short, entitled “Canyon Skating,” was produced by Charles Michael Ray and features ice-skating on frozen Black Hills streams. Ben Lemay, Rapid City, wrote and produced the soundtrack and Jason Ader, Rapid City, contributed videography and editing. The film is one of only 25 selected from PBS member stations and independent filmmakers.

Image - canyon skating still 1.jpg

About the PBS Online Film Festival

Since its launch in 2012, the PBS Online Film Festival has featured diverse films from PBS member stations and ITVS and POV. Starting July 17, viewers can once again watch, vote and share their favorites. This year's festival includes collaborations with a wide variety of public television producers. The PBS Online Film Festival has attracted more than 4 million video streams over the first five years.