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SOUTH DAKOTA FOCUS: Ethics & Open Government in Pierre.
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The next episode of South Dakota FOCUS features a live discussion of ethics and open government in Pierre.with IM 22 repealed during last year's legislative session and continued rumors of corruption in state poltics, many believe South dakota is in needs of an ethics overhaul.

Our panel will talk about how ethics have evolved in our state over the pat years and rumors that have put a cloud over state agencies. WE'll also look at how a group of University of South Dakota students pieces together an "unsolved" crime in South Dakota, which shines a light on ethics in South Dakota.

Guests include:

- Dr. Kenneth Blanchard -- Professor of Political Science, NSU

- Michelle Van Maanen -- Chair, Media & Journalism, USD

- Dr. De Vee. E. Dykstra -- Professor & Associate Dean, Business Law, USD Beacom School of Business

SDPB-TV: Thursday, February 22, 8pm (7 MT)

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