Savor Dakota: Wagner School Ranch Dressing Recipe
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SDPB 2018

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Over 1,000 students funnel through the lunch room at Wagner Schools each day.  Nutritious meals are planned and fresh vegetables and salads are prepared.   That’s a lot of carrot sticks each day.  On top of it all, literally, is the ranch dressing consumption.

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Salad dressings are a tasty condiment and Ranch is favored for greens and as a dip for vegetables.  Commercial varieties can be high in sodium and calories.  Wagner’s kitchen staff have created a version that meets nutritional guidelines.  Plus, it’s tasty.


Low Fat Ranch Dressing

1 gallon         Low-Fat, No Cholesterol Mayonnaise

10 lbs            Plain Low-Fat Yogurt

2 ½ gallons   Low-Fat Buttermilk

4-3.2oz          Packs Ranch Mix

Mix well and let stand overnight in cooler


If you’re not preparing to feed a small army, or a community school you can downsize the recipe as needed. 


Low Fat Ranch Dressing Family Size

1  Cup          Low-fat, No Cholesterol Mayonnaise

10 Tbsp       Plain Low-Fat yogurt   

2 1/2 C.       Low-Fat Buttermilk

.7 oz             Ranch Mix

Mix well and let stand overnight in cooler