19-Year Old With Down Syndrome Defeats Former UFC Fighter Nate Quarry
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Former UFC Fighter Nate Quarry came out of his five-year retirement this past weekend in Oregon to take on 19-year old high school seniort Jake “The Snake” Beckmann, who has Down syndrome, in an exhibition fight.

In an interview with Fight State, Quarry said this was a very special moment for everyone involved and he was honored to fight against Beckmann.

“If I can affect the entire community and let everyone know that special needs people are just a little different. They’re just that; they’re a little different,” said Quarry. “They have dreams. They have goals, just like the rest of us. Why should we try to tell them how they should live their lives? If we can break them out of the box I think that’s the right thing to do.”

This event helped raise $1,000 for Jakes mothers website, greatconnection.org, which is a website aimed at empowering people with differences.

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