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2020 SDHSAA State High School Debate Results
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2020 State Debate Results

Huron high school played host to the 2020 SDHSAA high school state debate tournament this past weekend. Here are all of the award recipients from the event.

Class A

Sweepstake Team Awards

1st Place – Spearfish (Robert Speirs)

2nd Place – Sturgis Brown (Eric Johnson)

3rd Place – Lennox (Mike Larson)

Original Oratory

1st Place – Xavier Larson (Lennox)

2nd Place – Brooklyn Pater (Sioux Falls Christian)

3rd Place – Paige Hoffman (Sioux Falls Christian)

4th Place – Xuan Do (Spearfish)

5th Place – Samantha Walters (Spearfish)

6th Place – Taylor Tobias (Sturgis Brown)

US Extemp

1st Place – Baxter Meyer (St. Thomas More)

2nd Place – Caleb Weiland (Beresford)

3rd Place – Samantha Pappas (Groton Area)

4th Place – Wyatt Trohkimoinen (Sturgis Brown)

5th Place – Colter Huseby (Spearfish)

6th Place – Charle Waugh (Spearfish)

International Extemp

1st Place – Ella Murray

2nd Place – Andrew Calhoon (Lennox)

3rd Place – Christopher Shuman (Sturgis Brown)

4th Place – Gavin David Bautista (Beresford)

5th Place – Amara Termes (Spearfish)

6th Place – Destiny J Christopherson (Lennox)


1st Place – Xuan Do (Spearish)

2nd Place – Marion Mischel (Milbank)

Public Forum

Co-1st Place – Michah Wimmer and Grace Leonard (Sioux Falls Christian)

Co-1st Place – Owen Lubben and Riley VanDenTop (Sioux Falls Christian)

Class AA

Sweepstake Team Awards

1st Place – Aberdeen Central (Kerry Konda)

2nd Place – Washington (Travis Dahle)

3rd Place – O’Gorman (Bob Stevens)

Original Oratory

1st Place – Mariah William (Aberdeen Central)

2nd Place – Blake Anderson (Washington)

3rd Place – Grace Lamberty (Brandon Valley)

4th Place – McCabe Wenande (O’Gorman)

5th Place – Jordan Phillips (Aberdeen Central)

6th Place – Allison Pommer (O’Gorman)

US Extemp

1st Place – Nacny Flaherty (Watertown)

2nd Place – Riley Nold (Washington)

3rd Place – Catherine Liu (Washington)

4th Place – Lauren Rhodes (Aberdeen Central)

5th Place – Noah Greble (O’Gorman)

6th Place – Kara Vetch (Aberdeen Central)

International Extemp

1st Place – Lyla Mattu (O’Gorman)

2nd Place – Miles Pastian (Aberdeen Central)

3rd Place – Walker Haber (O’Gorman)

4th Place – Drake VanSteenwyk (Aberdeen Central)

5th Place – Prasoon Kharel (Brookings)

6th Place – Abbie DeKrammer (Lincoln)


1st Place – Catherine Liu (Washington)

2nd Place – Rachel Beare (Aberdeen Central)


1st Place – Riley James Nold and Trenity R Rosenberg (Washington)

2nd Place – Miles Pastian and Olivia Johnson (Aberdeen Central)

Public Forum

1st Place – Kara Vetch and Lauren Rhodes (Aberdeen Central)

2nd Place – Tye Briggs and Leven McNatt (Yankton)