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2021 SDHSAA State Debate Results
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State Debate Results
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The 2021 South Dakota high school state debate competition took place this past weekend in a virtual setting. Here are all of the results from the event.

Class A Results 

Team Sweepstakes 

  • 1st Spearfish- 135.06%
  • 2nd Sturgis Brown- 134.17%
  • 3rd Lennox- 85.25%


A- Informative Speaking (First year as sanctioned event) 

  1. Taylor Tobias – Sturgis Brown
  2. Halli Rabenberg- Spearfish
  3. Kaylee Bosma- Lennox
  4. Halle Fjelland- Spearfish
  5. Brooke Holly- Sturgis Brown
  6. Michael Hall- Lennox


A- United States Extemp 

  1. Samantha Pappas- Groton Area
  2. Wyatt Trohkimoinen- Sturgis Brown
  3. Bono Buchtel- Sturgis Brown
  4. Taylor Harms- Madison
  5. Sam King- Spearfish
  6. Noah Freidrich


A- International Extemp 

  1. Amara Termes- Spearfish
  2. Christopher Shuman- Sturgis Brown
  3. Max Hinek- Sturgis Brown
  4. Andrew Calhoon- Lennox
  5. Will Becker- Spearfish
  6. Gunnar Geiken- Lennox


A- Original Oratory 

  1. Carlie Johnson- Sturgis Brown
  2. Xuan Do- Spearfish
  3. Samantha Walters- Spearfish
  4. Kaylee Bosma- Lennox
  5. Hannah Ashton- Sturgis Brown
  6. Xavier Larson- Lennox


A- Lincoln Douglas Debate 

Champion- Taylor Tobias- Sturgis Brown 

Runner- up Gunnar Geiken- Lennox

Semifinalist- Xuan Do- Spearfish 

Semifinalist- Max Hinek- Sturgis Brown 


A- Public Forum Debate 

Co-Champion- Max Ensor & Samantha Walters- Spearfish 

Co-Champion- Halli Rabenberg & Halle Fjelland- Spearfish 

Semifinalist- Maddie Kobes & Bethany Kobes- Sioux Falls Christian

Semifinalist- Wyatt Trohkimoinen & Christopher Shuman- Sturgis Brown

Quarterfinalist- Kaylee Bosma & Andrew Calhoon- Lennox 

Quarterfinalist- Naomi Vander Lugt & Grace Leonard- Sioux Falls Christian 

Quarterfinalist- Martin Jones & Abigail Johnson- Sturgis Brown 


Class AA Results 

Team Sweepstakes

1st Aberdeen Central 128.80%

2nd Sioux Falls Washington 115.22%

3rd Sioux Falls O’Gorman 109.24% 


AA- Informative Speaking (First year as a state sanctioned event) 

  1. Alli Joerger- Aberdeen Central
  2. Olivia Johnson- Aberdeen Central
  3. John Hinrichs- Sioux Falls Washington
  4. Sophia Meyer- Douglas
  5. Grace Lamberty- Brandon Valley
  6. Vicki Kieszek- Sioux Falls Washington


AA- International Extemp 

  1. Aditya Tummala- Brookings
  2. Lyla Mattu- Sioux Falls O’Gorman
  3. Miles Pastian- Aberdeen Central
  4. Walker Haber- Sioux Falls O’Gorman
  5. Riley Nold- Sioux Falls Washington
  6. Prasoon Kharel- Brookings


AA- Domestic Extemp 

  1. Jordan Phillips- Aberdeen Central
  2. Catherine Liu- Sioux Falls Washington
  3. Noah Greble- Sioux Falls O’Gorman
  4. Madyson Fleckenstein- Aberdeen Central
  5. Caleb Stewart- Douglas
  6. Joshua Park- Brookings


AA- Original Oratory

  1. McCabe Wenande- Sioux Falls O’Gorman
  2. Jordan Phillips- Aberdeen Central
  3. Maggie Adams- Aberdeen Central
  4. Ellen Joseph- Brandon Valley
  5. Tuba Ali- Harrisburg
  6. Myles Adamiak- Sioux Falls O’Gorman


AA- Lincoln Douglas Debate 

Champion Catherine Liu- Sioux Falls Washington

Runner-up Prasoon Kharel- Brookings 

Semifinalist- Lyla Mattu- Sioux Falls O’Gorman

Semifinalist- Walker Haber- Sioux Falls O’Gorman

Quarterfinalist- Hanna Anderson- Aberdeen Central 

Quarterfinalist- Alli Joerger- Aberdeen Central 


AA- Public Forum 

Champion- Carter Demaray & Lauren Gillis- Yankton 

Runner-up- Riley Nold & Katherine Escalante- Sioux Falls Washington 

Semifinalist- Tuba Ali & Madeline Grabow- Harrisburg 

Semifinalist- Ryan Corcoran & Cassidy Herding- Harrisburg

Quarterfinalist- Amanda Rothe & Caleb Cookie- Douglas

Quarterfinalist- Kaleb Calkins & Nick Weir- Huron 

Quarterfinalist- Grant Aberle & Drake Van Steenwyk- Aberdeen Central 

Quarterfinalist- Isabelle Ashley & Marissa Marquez- Douglas High School