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Forty South Dakotans Participate in 2017 Boston Marathon
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Boston Marathon
Boston Athletic Association

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This year, forty residents of South Dakota have made the trip out east to participate in one of the most popular running events of the spring - the Boston Marathon.

According to the list presented by the Boston Athletic Association, this years marathon has around 30,000 entries. Sioux Falls has the most runners of any South Dakota city with eighteen. Rapid City is next with nine and Brookings has two.

Dupree, Flandreau, Spearfish, Vermillion, Lennox, Beresford, Tea, Woonsocket, Langford, Harrisburg, and Madison each have one representative from those communities.

The youngest runner at this years marathon is Connor Branick, 23, of Sioux Falls. Dan Bjerke is the oldest runner, 68, from Rapid City. In total, six of the South Dakota entries are 60 years or older. Thirteen of them are 50 years or older and over half, twenty-three South Dakota athletes competing, are 40 years or older.

Here's the full list of the South Dakota participants, sorted alphabetically:

Albin, Michael D40MRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Allen, Bruce54MFlandreauSDUSAUSA
Bjerke, Dan68MRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Black, Daniel28MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Blackman, Paul D65MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Branick, Connor M23MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Corley, Andrew J.27MDupreeSDUSAUSA
Cummings, Taylor L.25FSpearfishSDUSAUSA
Desautel, M Gregory51MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Erger, Mike59MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Genrich, Matthew38MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Ginger, Jessica37FRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Heacock, Roger65MRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Hilson, Megan E25FVermillionSDUSAUSA
Jackson, John H47MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Klinghagen, Patty48FLennoxSDUSAUSA
Kolda, Lisa38FSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Lauer, Richard51MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Mallams, David W46MRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Muellenberg Pawelski, Michelle M41FRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Munro, Ryan26MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Nelson, Jessica28FBeresfordSDUSAUSA
Newman, Shannon K34FTeaSDUSAUSA
Olson, Chase E.27MWoonsocketSDUSAUSA
Patrick, Susie47FSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Planteen, Gwen48FLangfordSDUSAUSA
Punt, Rhonda53FSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Roby, Joe31MRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Scharnberg, Mark A39MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Scholl, Nancy60FBrookingsSDUSAUSA
Schultz, Heidi M42FBrookingsSDUSAUSA
Setness, Brigitte N34FHarrisburgSDUSAUSA
Shafer, Adam36MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Swanston, Darin43MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Teren, Linda67FMadisonSDUSAUSA
Thomas, Ed57MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Ulenberg, Elizabeth A60FSioux FallsSDUSANZL
Warzecha, Greg45MSioux FallsSDUSAUSA
Welch, Kristi L53FRapid CitySDUSAUSA
Woolridge, Natalie28FRapid CitySDUSAUSA

How does South Dakota compare to its neighboring states? Minnesota - 491, Iowa - 124, Nebraska - 93, Montana - 39, and North Dakota - 34.

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