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A Shot To Remember, Kyan Overbo’s Ace At State
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Kyan Overbo's Hole In One At State
South Dakota Public Broadcasting

It’s one thing to get a hole-in-one if you’re playing with your buddies, but it’s another thing to get one at a state tournament when the pressure is at its highest. 

On Tuesday morning, day two of the ‘A’ boys state golf tournament at the Madison Golf and Country Club, Sioux Valley junior Kyan Overbo lined up on the No. 10 tee box for his first swing of the day. He grabbed his 9-iron, pegged it for a 150-yard shot, and swung.

“I wasn’t really thinking much other than I was really nervous, I could feel it in my stomach, because there were a bunch of people there, and I was confused why there was so many people there,” Overbo chuckled. “When I hit it, it looked super good, and I knew.”

The ball hit the front part of the green and started to roll. As it inched closer and closer to the pin, Overbo knew he would soon see the ball disappear into the bottom of the cup.

“I was more so thinking getting on the green, I wasn’t even really even aiming at the hole, just wanted to hit the green so I could have a putt at it,” Overbo explained. “I freaked out, turned around, and everyone else was freaking out too, and it was awesome. It was just a really cool moment.”

This is actually Overbo’s second hole-in-one of the year. He had one earlier in the season when golfing with some friends. This most recent one, however, was at the state tournament, which automatically makes it a bigger deal. Additionally, Overbo had his parents and grandparents there to witness the moment as well.

“It just made it even better, honestly. It made everything cooler and everything sweeter that everyone else could see it and share that moment,” he said.

The tradition of a hole-in-one is that whoever hits the shot buys everyone a round of drinks afterwards. Kyan’s dad Dan kept this tradition going by buying everyone a soda who was in their group.

“There’s a snack shack that was just off one of the holes, so [dad] bought us all a drink inside the snack shack,” joked Overbo. “Everyone in the group, players and parents too, they all got one.” 

Kyan Overbo finished the state tournament tied for 70th with a score of 62-over par. While he might tell you he didn’t play very well, the memory of the hole-in-one will no doubt be the highlight of the event for everyone that was there to witness it.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting