Five Steps Towards Being A Respectful Sports Parent
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Most would agree that as a parent, it's important to set a good example and to be a role model for your kids. This includes actions at a little league or high school sporting event. We've all been to a game where a parent in the crowd takes things a little too far. Whether it's yelling at the coach, complaining to the refs, or screaming at their own kid.

According to 'Breaking Muscle,' here are five easy steps towards being a respectful sports parent.

1. Use Positive Encouragement

Don't encourage success by using foul or offensive language. It's important to encourage the athletes and coaches in a positive manner.

2. Support the Sport

Make sure you understand the commitment your child has by participating in a sport. It's important to know when there is a game or practice, and to have your child there at the appropriate time.

3. Address Any Issues Privately with the Coach

If there's an issue you have, address it with the coach privately. Rumors can spread easily, so it's still best to speak directly with the coach, rather than creating drama.

4. Don't Undermine the Coach

Let the coach do his or her job! They want to see the team succeed just as much as you do. You're a spectator, so your job is to watch the game and show support towards your child and the team.

5. Teach and Model Good Sportsmanship

It's very important to show young athletes good sportsmanship, even when emotions get high. What you say and what you do is directly reflected back to the behaviors of the players on the field/court. One bad call or one bad loss isn't the end of the world. At the end of the day, it's just a game...