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Highmore-Harrold, Football Season In Trouble
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Highmore-Harrold School District

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The Highmore-Harrold football season may be over before it starts. According to Gidal Kaiser with the Capital Journal in Pierre, fewer than 12 football players showed up to a recent meeting regarding fall athletics.

“At this point they really only have three options for their football program,” said Kaiser. “They can find a co-op (consolidate with another community), play a junior varsity schedule, or don’t play at all.”

The Pirates of Highmore-Harrold currently compete in class 9A. Kaiser explained the football team has seen their recent struggles, as they haven’t made the post-season since 2006. “They’ve had one win in each season for the past three years,” said Kaiser. “But, the team still consists of student athletes who want to play.”

Highmore’s School Board will have a meeting on Monday evening to discuss the future status of the team. In the meantime, the Pirates are evaluating all of their options to keep the Highmore-Harrold football program alive.