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Mother Nature Assists Golf Tournament Planners
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High school golfers from around South Dakota are competing in state tournaments this week. Huron, Hartford, and Sioux Falls are hosting all three girls classes, while class B boys play in Harrisburg.

Tournament Director Chris Long is helping lead the events at Prairie Green Golf Course in southern Sioux Falls and Spring Creek Golf Course just east of Harrisburg. He said tournaments like this require a lot of planning, but ultimately it’s the weather that will make or break the experience.

"These kids deserve this weather, these coaches deserve this weather. You play spring golf in South Dakota and you just don’t know what you’re going to get and this year has been a pretty decent spring for them," explained Long. "But to get two days in South Dakota where the wind is going to blow maybe 10 miles per hour. They deserve it, so I’m really happy for them."

All four golf tournaments experienced temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s on Monday, and similar temps are expected for the conclusion of the spring golf championships on Tuesday.

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