The Mount Rushmore of South Dakota Sports: Who deserves a spot?
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Mount Rushmore

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We need your help choosing four athletes (past or present, who grew up in the state) for South Dakota's Sports Mt. Rushmore. Let us know who YOU THINK deserves a spot on this monument. It's easy, just fill out the form below!

Here are some expert predictions

Pat O’Brien - Legendary Sportscaster

Billy Mills, Jack Theeler, Peggy Kirby, and Neil Graff

Jerry Palleschi - ESPN Radio (Sioux Falls)

Mike Miller, Brock Lesnar, Becky Hammon, and Adam Vinatieri

Greg Beesley - KSFY TV

Billy Mills, Adam Vinatieri, Brock Lesnar, and Mike Miller

Cat Clark - Keloland TV

Nate Gerry, Mike Miller, Becky Hammon, and Chad Greenway

Christopher Tubbs - Radio Host KWSN Sports

Brock Lesnar, Sparky Anderson, Billie Mills, and Becky Hammon

James Cimburek - Sports Editor Yankton Press & Dakotan

Billy Mills, Adam Vinatieri, Casey Tibbs, and Becky Hammon

Jeremy Hoeck - Asst. Sports Editor Yankton Press & Dakotan

Billy Mills, Mike Miller, Casey Tibbs, and Adam Vinatieri

Brent Nathaniel - ESPN Radio (Aberdeen)

Howard Wood, Casey Tibbs, Clark Swisher, Bob Wachs

Nate Brown - Sportscaster KIMM Talk Radio

Billy Mills, Sparky Anderson, Adam Vinatieri, and Mike Miller

Do you agree with the experts above?