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New England Defeats Seattle 28-24 In Super Bowl 49
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New England Patriots

The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in exciting fashion on Sunday night to become the Super Bowl champions for the fourth time in franchise history. Most of the discussion from Super Bowl XLIX revolves around late game play calling from the Seahawks. With less than 30 seconds remaining, down by four points, and only one-yard (more like half a yard) to go, Seattle passed the ball.

Again, Seattle passed the ball from the half yard-line with one of the leagues best running backs in their backfield. It’s nearly impossible to predict what an NFL head coach is thinking, and that became more evident during Sunday’s Super Bowl game.

via NPR News/NBC Broadcast

Another big story from Super Bowl XLIX is the legacy of New England quarterback Tom Brady. He now has four Super Bowl championships, which ties Joe Montana, and six Super Bowl appearances. In today’s NFL it’s extremely difficult to even appear in a Super Bowl, let alone win. For Brady to do what he’s done in the past 14 seasons, it’s untouchable. He is arguably the best quarterback of all-time during the Super Bowl era (past 49-years).

Brady threw for over 300-yards and four touchdowns against the best defense in the league on Sunday. At 37-years old he’s playing at an extremely high level, much like Elway near the end of his career.ver play the game?